Global Gore

Ignorant Al Gore says we’re suffering from warm weather. Where?

No idea

For the Line Mountain School District, as they stated to the newspaper that there was no threat to the public to the students or anybody in the school. I disagree with that statement, Mr. Campbell. You have no idea about some of the kids, you have no idea about some of the parents, you have no idea about several other factor other than your selfish statement for your own school. I beg you to listen to the public and not just your cronies, who you normally choose listen to, there was plenty of damage done.

Neglected roads

I like to know what’s going on in Zerbe Township? The roads are a mess, they need to be ashed and I just saw both township workers driving around in the same truck. Our taxpaying dollars are being wasted. Not to be smart, but why are two people in the same truck when we have all these roads in town that need to be cindered and stuff.

Not Trump’s fault

Double-talk? Yes, all children are born in God’s image. That’s why abortion is destroying God’s creation. As far as separation from their parents, that wasn’t Trump’s fault. Look at the parents, they tried to enter the United States illegally. Come in legally, and you’ll have your children by your side.

Flashlight express

In case you don’t know it, the price of stamps went up another nickel. And the U.S. Post Office is still billions of dollars in the hole. And if you live in Kulpmont, in the winter time, the mailman is delivering the mail with a flashlight.

Reality rejects

At the rally in El Paso, Texas, Trump’s supporters were chanting “Lock her up!” It’s members of the Trump team who have already been locked up and more individuals will soon live behind bars. These people reject reality and live in a fantasy world created by their leader.

Liar, liar

Not against either party — against Trump. He is pushing up our national debt despite saying he wouldn’t. He lies. He even says he lies. He changes his mind constantly. I hope someone can run against him as a Republican if he isn’t impeached. I really believe Russia controls him and we are in danger. It gets clearer everyday.

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