Traffic at Dunkin

I am calling about the traffic situation at Dunkin Donuts. It’s very dangerous with all of the cars waiting in line for the drive through. Editor: Agreed, it’s ridiculous.

Here come the druggies

Thank you, Mayor Brown, for bringing not one, but two marijuana dispensaries to our town. The drug situation wasn’t bad enough before, but now we’ll have all the druggies from around the counties pouring into Shamokin. You said it will help the business community? The only business it will support is the police department. When Colorado legalized marijuana, the economy increased, but the crime rate certainly increased with murders and rapes. What benefits did you receive from the business companies coming into Shamokin? The yellow paint on the outside of the building is horrendous. It shows you what kind of people that will go into those buildings. Editor: I happen to be a fan of the color yellow.

It’s a message

This is for the people who should stop and realize what’s going on. There’s floods now where there didn’t used to be, serious tornadoes, people are getting killed. It’s time we wake up and listen to the man upstairs. He’s trying to tell us something and yet some people are too ignorant to listen.

Yard thieves

Elysburg used to have such pretty front lawns but nowadays people don’t care to make them look nice because as soon as they look nice it entices someone to come steal your items. Why don’t the police come check on this and take care of it? They know who’s doing it.

Thoughts and prayers

Prayers and condolences to the families of the slain shooting victims in Virginia. Please know their deaths are in vain, as nothing will change. Join the parents of the slain school children and the babies at Newtown who suffered the same heartbreak.

Read the report

It is obvious that the Sound Off callers who unabashedly defend Trump have not read the Mueller Report. I am about halfway through and it is very damning. There are many redactions, but, aside from that, the remaining report tells a tale of American betrayal.

Cut the payroll

How about salary cuts or maybe layoffs or how about salary caps in Shamokin? We cannot afford to keep up with the waste. Eight guys on the street department? That’s wrong. We do need the police department, but do away with the pension plan and start paying for your own medical. How about a 401(k) and they can contribute?

Don’t judge grades

To the person that is concerned about Mr. Trump’s grades in high school and college. I would like to point out that regardless of if he had all As or Cs, Ds and Fs, he is the president of the United States and a billionaire. What have you accomplished with your life?

Mueller bad

What Mueller attempted to accomplish wasn’t for justice or the rule of law. It was facetiously delivered with malice for the purpose of causing damage to President Trump.

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I do wonder what could have happened if my father could have made me a millionaire at age 8.


According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the state saw an overall decrease of 1 percent in reported crimes for 2014. The state also saw an overall decrease of 2.5 percent in the crime rate per 100,000 people. Digging even deeper, Colorado experienced a 3.1 percent drop in property crimes and a 12.8 percent decrease in homicides.

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