Gritty kitty

Are people crazy? Suing a company for dropping a bag of litter on their foot. Now, instead of getting $50,000 of undeserved money, you’ll have to pay costs to the company you are suing, hopefully. That is, if the court system has any credibility. You can argue all you want, but you would never convince me it was their fault. Joe’s take: Win or lose, I wonder what their lawyer’s take is going to be when this is over?


At a time when self-proclaimed genius businessman Trump published “The Art of the Deal,” we find he was actually “The Biggest Loser” businessman. Official IRS tax transcripts document that Trump lost more than $1 billion from 1985-94, a bigger loss than any U.S. taxpayer in those years. Banks lost billions and took possession of much of Trump’s assets. After that, Trump could not receive a loan from any U.S. bank. Russian mob money began to finance Trump’s real estate deals and that is why our mobbed-up president is now compromised by the Russian government.

Faith renewed

This morning I stopped to pick up lunch at Subway in the Coal Township Walmart. The customer ahead of me was ordering for herself as well as for a family member already seated. She had some special needs and special requests that are a little above the normal Subway service. All of the ladies behind the counter were very accommodating, respectful, patient and kind. It was heartwarming in a world where this behavior has become increasingly rare. May God truly bless you all for your kindness ... and I’d like to thank you for renewing my faith in all that we can be. It is said, “In a world where you can be anything — be kind.”

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