What’s going on?

I see two fine businessmen and good gentlemen resigned from the zoning board. I think Mayor Brown has lost control. I think the state Attorney General needs to look into what’s going on in the City of Shamokin.

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To 'It's a Right".....did Obama have the "right" to have a vote on his choice? I'll wait.....


To 'A Vote for China'....do you have any idea how inane your comment is? First, there is no record of Trump at ground zero on 9/11. There is no record of Biden there, either. Second, Trump is as inarticulate as any human being on this planet. Third, Trump did not cause this virus. That's the only sensible thing you said. However, his response to it will go down in history as an American tragedy. Now, straighten your MAGA hat, remove your mask and look for the next Trump rally.

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