Jussie justice

I have been hearing about white privilege for all these years now. Well, yesterday you saw black privilege in the Jussie Smollett case. They dropped 16 felony counts because he never had a violent past? If that had been a white guy and that happened they’d be rioting in the streets. This is going to embolden people to do the same thing and expect the same result. Political correctness is going to bring this country to its knees if something isn’t done.

Surprise, surprise

Muslim lawmaker is offended by prayer and the Democrats are offended by a prayer. Isn’t this surprising. Get over it and move on. It didn’t kill you to hear it, did it? Majority rules in this world, supposedly.


Six hundred and seventy-five days and millions wasted! No collusion! Guess what Democrats, he’s gonna be president for six more years. Deal with it!

Comrade Clinton

They’ve had the evidence all along of Trump speaking with the Russian agent: It was Hillary Clinton.

Cleanup crew

Call from Mount Carmel: Street cleaner, seriously? You didn’t even clean up snow in the wintertime. What’s wrong with this picture?

Kulpmont on the rise

Great letter to the editor, Councilman Chesney. Kulpmont is indeed lucky to have the council that they now have. Keep going guys, you’re doing great. Full speed ahead.

No collusion

This is for all the Democrats and all the Trump haters — no collusion. Did you read the Donald Trump report? No collusion. Get over the scandals, you owe Republicans and President Trump an apology.

4-wheelers in town?

Can someone please explain to me what the fuss is about these 4-wheelers taking over Shamokin? If you enjoy 4-wheeling, I thought it’s because you’re a nature lover and because you love driving through mud and the outdoors. The streets of Shamokin look like a third-world country. What’s next? Tanks or military vehicles?

Diversionary tactics

As the fake news media is concerned with Trump, Trump, Trump; Russia is landing troops in Venezuela, a socialist paradise that everyone is starving to death in.

Give an inch, take a mile

I see the operators of the AOAA park are getting greedy; 6,500 acres wasn’t good enough for them. Coming into town a couple times a year wasn’t good enough for them. Now they want to bring their stuff into the city on a regular basis. If the mayor or any city council member votes for this they’ve lost my vote. Keep the noise on the mountain where it belongs.

Only two?

I see in the paper that two Coal Township Commissioners signed a letter to the editor about Sam Schiccatano. What happened to the other three (Coal Twp.) commissioners? Are they opposed to what they said or are they just absent at all the meetings. I know one of them is.

Help for the west

It’s time to help our neighbors out west who have been gravely affected by flood waters, fires, etc. I hope our leaders will provide aid to them first.

Time for a new witch hunt

What are the Democrats going to concoct now against the Republican Party? Well that’s easy — a new witch hunt — and they’ll lose that one, too.

ATV worries

Calling from Ranshaw: I agree with the caller about watching out for the ATVs. They fly up the streets with no license plates and they don’t care about anyone else. If they don’t obey the laws they should be fined just like us. If they have no plates they shouldn’t be allowed to drive on streets, just like we can’t.

Thumbs up, AOAA

Congratulations Dave Porzi and your staff. You did a fantastic job on Saturday. Please don’t let the negativity of some of these people put you down because you’re doing Shamokin a service.

Soup contest recipes

I enjoyed reading your article on the soup contest at the Home Plate. I am wondering if you could possibly share the winning recipes and have them published in the paper for the readers. They sounded very good and I would love to try them.

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