Cry me a river

I’m sitting here with The News-Item reading the story about the judges and how hard they work and how hard their staff works and I just went through a whole box of tissues crying. Editor’s note: I don’t believe any of the judges were complaining.

Know your role

As a loyal subscriber of The News-Item, I feel your role is to report all aspects of our local communities and their members. The popularity of social networking and your many articles about Our Lady of Lourdes High School and dismissal of a teacher have captivated worldwide attention. It is time to move on from this controversial issue and continue to report and highlight other news of other interest.

Not even close

In regards to “Shake shack,” are you serious? You are saying that it is the same thing? It isn’t. You have two consenting adults — repeat, two consenting adults — whereas the priests take advantage of young children, No way is it the same.

Bitter peace

All you bitter Trump-hating Democrats need to stop calling Sound Off and crying. The reason Hillary lost is because the American people recognized her for what she is: A corrupt, greedy and power-mad, self-serving liar. That is why she didn’t win the election.

Men behaving badly

The caller misinterprets Trump disapproval for Trump hate. Hate is a destructive, useless emotion. When more than half of the nation finds the president devoid of morals and integrity they must speak out. Joyfully attempting to remove 20 million of our own citizens from health care coverage, caging children and consorting with the Saudis and the Russians for personal gain at the expense of America must be challenged. The list of Trump’s bad behaviors would take longer that Sound Off’s 30 seconds allows.

Tremendous show

I would like to comment on the Cookie Concert at Shamokin Area High School. It was tremendous, and I do appreciate the fact that the mayor and his council were there to recognize the leaders and the students for their accomplishments with the competition band and all. It was so well deserved. For those who missed it, they really missed a good concert.

Great story

I really enjoyed reading the “Miracle 33 years in the making.” What a story to have on the front page of the paper. It was so positive and so uplifting. It was appreciated. It was a lovely story.

Funny how?

I thought it was quite funny reading about Vinny Clausi. Someone who has bullied people constantly for years. Someone finally stands up to him and he has to play vicitm and go to court. Very funny.

The people’s enemy

Trump stated many times: “the free press is the enemy of the people.” I would expect those remarks from Stalin, Castro or Putin. Freedom of the press is the fourth cornerstone of our democracy. Many times the press exposed fraud, graft and corruption in government. There must be something Trump does not want to be uncovered by the “free press.”

Wrist slap

I thought it interesting that Judge Saylor recently fined a heroin pusher $50 and placed him in jail for 18 to 36 months. A slap on the wrist at best. So if you peddle the stuff that kills people, and is now the rage of the state, you get a $50 fine? One shot of the Narcan cost about 12 times the fine that Judge Saylor imposed. No wonder no one fears the law about drug use.

Location, location

Shamokin should consider talking to the owners of Dunkin’ Donuts about relocating it downtown to where the Fun Shop used to be. It’s a way better location than where it is now. Not to mention, the city could develop its current site into a park, etc.

You dirty rat

It was only a few months ago that Trump said his long-time personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is a great person. Now he is calling Cohen a “rat.” Rat is the term mobsters use when one of their fellow crooks tells the truth to law enforcement. In the president’s world of shady deals, when you lie to cover up Trump’s crimes, you are a great guy, but when you tell the truth, you are a rat.

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