Pay up

I would like to thank all the people who called into Sound Off about the pool behind the Wayside, proving I am not nuts. Just remember, Brian, bring your paycheck. Saturday night it is free drinks for everybody.

Deceased equine

I hate to be beating a dead horse, but just yesterday, once again, the commonwealth gave away another $1 million to the city of Harrisburg. And we wonder why we’re broke and need more tax money. When will the taxpayers of this state say enough is enough?

Quality of life

In cities like Chicago, Newark, New York City, Baltimore and L.A., the Democrats have done nothing to better the quality of life for these citizens, but they advocate for illegal immigrants, MS13, Antifa and sanctuary cities and states. Shameful.

Sunshine state

“Commie-fornia” wants to arrest people for handing out straws and wants to give welfare to illegal aliens.

Marks the spot

I’m going to take my Lourdes Regional yearbooks, put a big, black X through the pictures of the sexual predators known to all, past and present, and mail them to the Harrisburg Diocese. I encourage all alumni to do the same. Then, and only then, we might see some genuine remorse from this institution, which to this day remains in silent denial.


I think it is very good that the accused priests’ names are in the paper. I also feel that their titles of “the reverend” and “monsignor” should be stripped from their names. They are nothing but pedophiles in my eyes.

Song and dance

If Father Stahmer could dance around, carry on and sing happy birthday to some individuals after each Mass, he could have spoken of the crimes of the priests. Instead, get out and spend your money at the picnic. Guess what? This issue isn’t going away.

Murderer’s row

The list of people in Trump’s inner circle that have been charged with crimes looks like the bust-up of a mafia crime syndicate. The growing list of arrests includes Trump’s first and second campaign managers, deputy campaign manager, national security adviser, foreign policy adviser and the first congressman to endorse Trump who was on his presidential transition team. Trump’s consigliere, personal lawyer Michael Cohen, will soon be indicted. The Trump saga would make a great script for The Godfather, Part Four.

Die alone

I am not a Biblical scholar; however, I believe, when talking about Adam and Eve, Jesus said, it is not good for man to be alone, so he created woman. Sounds like a marriage to me. Does anyone know who, when or why it was decided priests could not marry? I invite our local priests to give their explanation on the subject of priests not marrying.

Shark turd

I most certainly agree with the caller about Shark Week. It was a major disappointment. It was just terrible this year.

True colors

Our Northumberland County commissioners have really shown their true colors in the last 12 months. Well, it has been nothing the whole time but the prison, the prison, the prison. Think about it, voters. You elected two lawyers. Editor’s take: Building a new prison tends to create a lot of work and a lot of news. Not everyone agreed on what was done, but they needed to take action. Once it opens, news about the prison should subside.

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