More money for way less

I can understand why no one wants to be a Mount Carmel Area school board member. The current climate is toxic and corrupt. The administration is just one big clique who continually cover for one another. We have three principals, a superintendent and a full-time athletic director, and yet this year’s senior class had only 82 graduates. The budget increases every year despite enrollment being down. The district desperately needs a superintendent who is not a local resident to reign in the chaos and end the fiscal irresponsiblity of the current board and administration. I hope Mrs. Latorre examines the current staffing level and uses an axe, not a scalpel, to cut costs and integrity to a once-proud district.

Mill owner

I see in this morning’s paper, Thursday, June 13, that the Kulpmont project at the mill is practically done. And I’m just wondering, it says in the paper that the current owner is Dan Luzon, from the Bronx, New York. Now from my recollection, he was fined so many hundreds of dollars for this thing being in bad shape. Now, all of a sudden, is he still the owner of the property and is he does he get this building back free and clear, after all that work was done on it? It’s amazing. I’d like someone to explain the situation in the paper so that everybody knows what’s going on.

Dead heat dress

Great debate on Sound Off of the local dress code, where men with their one pair of jeans and sneakers wear them day and night to every function they attend until they wear out. And women with their attire, tops offs with pajamas and flip-flops, which gives away how often they bathe by the color of the bottoms of their feet. It turns into a dead heat.

Recycling dollars

Yeah, I have an odd question. I would just like to know why the City of Shamokin does its recycling, what $100,000 a year, and they don’t get any of the money? I mean, a city that’s in financial debt as we are for the past 40 years, you would think that they would set up their own program and find some way to get the recycling to these centers and collect the revenue. Wouldn’t that help? A hundred thousand dollars and probably more, wasted all this fuel and time — what a joke!


I see signs all over, Make America Great Again, even flags with Trump’s picture on them, Make America Great Again. There’s only one way we can make America great again, is put that nut in a straitjacket somewhere in some mental institution.


In regards to the home where the arson took place, who, first of all, would ever insure that house for $140,000? No way is that close to being valued at $140,000. If that’s the case, then I got a $200,000 home.

Fear the FBI

The Mueller Report does not deal with the multiple misdeeds and lies of the president. It tackles only the Russian connections. I am slowly plowing through the report, but what stands out immediately is the number of witnesses who told multiple lies. One wonders why. What do they fear more that the risk of lying to the FBI would be?

Don’t brag

How can Mount Carmel brag about a job well done on graduating 82 in the Class of 2019? Are they proud they spent $19 million to graduate 82, or proud they ripped taxpayers off? One hundred and five teachers and 101 non-teaching. Really? Mount Carmel Area High School is ranked 391st within Pennsylvania. The total minority enrollment is 6% and 45% of students are economically disadvantaged. Mathematics proficiency, 68%; reading proficiency, 67%; graduation rate, 85% (well below state median). Fifty-five percent of its pupils are eligible for a free lunch due to the family meeting the federal poverty level.

Rewarding failure?

Mount Carmel Area High School was among the 15% lowest achieving schools in the commonwealth. Gov. Wolf’s plan would provide Mount Carmel with a state subsidy of $342,736 to give raises to its lowest-paid teachers. Apparently, Wolf thinks spending millions on paying teachers and then giving them raises is a good thing. Rewarding teachers for failures? Has the world gone mad or is the governor smoking too much weed?

He’s a traitor

Every U.S intelligence agency has verified that the Russians conducted a sophisticated computer attack to help elect Trump in 2016. Unbelievably, Trump just invited foreign countries to intervene in the 2020 election. Trump stated that he would accept dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government, which is illegal. After years of ranting “no collusion,” Trump just stated he would collude with a foreign government to get re-elected. The traitor-in-chief does not care who he sells himself to or what damage he does to our democracy, as long as he gets what he wants.

Apples to oranges

One big item in the coverage of the Kulpmont council meeting was missed. The fact that council voted to give its solicitor a $4,000 raise on his annual retainer, drastically increasing his hourly rate. Yikes! Councilman Slaby’s justification was that Shamokin’s solicitor makes so much more. Well, Mr. Slaby, Shamokin has twice the population. Compare apples to apples. In the same breath, Mr Slaby gave his assessment of the borough’s spending for the first five months of the year compared to the same time last year; he was worried about the increased spending. Look in the mirror. Fiscally responsible Kulpmont council equals smoke and mirrors. Brace yourself for the tax increase.


The mainstream media said nothing about last week’s federal court filing that exposed an $84 million money laundering conspiracy the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign bankrolled for Russian agents to create fake news about Trump during the 2016 presidential election in violation of federal campaign finance law. So Trump put out the bait about accepting information on a political opponent from a foreign source and the Democrats took it. They’re in a frenzy saying how treasonous that is, and now Trump has his worst enemies backed into a corner. A brilliant move.

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