Protect America

The issue should not be a choice to build a wall or have open borders but how to protect America. We all know government projects with cost over-runs, change orders, etc. will cost more than Trump’s request for $5 billion. Most illegal “guests” entered the country legally but overstayed their welcome. With drones, tunnels, altered boats, ingenious submarines, illegal activity will continue and a “wall” would be inappropriate and least effective.

Do you hear what I hear

On Page 4 of the Dec. 21, 2018, edition of The Catholic Witness newspaper is a bulleted list of “financial highlights.” One such item shows an expenditure of $962,000 for legal costs associated with the grand jury investigation. Interestingly, the Diocese of Harrisburg’s fiscal year ends on June 30, but the grand jury report was not released until Aug. 14. All that money was spent beforehand, so it’s reasonable to assume the legal costs will probably be in the millions this year with the expected quiet financial settlements and numerous pending lawsuits against the diocese. There have been 22 Catholic dioceses around the country that filed for bankruptcy, and the Harrisburg diocese might soon join them. So listen very closely for what isn’t being said whenever Bishop Gainer speaks, because I think all his fancy talk is a desperate attempt for financial survival.

Taking care of his own

Federal workers are not getting paid because of the Trump government shutdown. Now Trump has frozen federal workers’ scheduled 2-percent pay raise for 2019 because he is concerned about the increasing budget deficit. Trump showed no concern when he exploded the deficit to give himself and his rich friends a $1.5 trillion tax cut. Time and time again, Trump and the Republican Party have demonstrated that their priority is taking care of the rich at the expense of average working Americans.

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