No excuse

To the owner of the German Shepherd who repeatedly gets loose on Scott Street in Kulpmont: Take responsibility for your dog. As a pet owner, you are responsible to keep your dog fenced and secure. There is no reason your dog should be roaming the streets terrorizing other dogs and biting people. My neighbors and I can’t let our dogs out in our own yard because your dog attacks while its loose. Our children are scared to play outside because they have been chased or almost bitten. Being a “renter” is no excuse. Shame on you!

Triple-dog dare

Back in November, I sent in a Sound Off comment about James Zack’s position as transition administrator, namely how he is milking Shamokin like a cash cow. I dared someone to tell me that Mr. Zack was not doing PIAA business while on Shamokin’s time. When I read the front page headline today, it was like Christmas morning — I totally nailed it! Maybe I should have triple-dog-dared someone.

Answer given

Well, looks like the city and AOAA got it’s answer. Keep those damn ATVs off our city streets.

Hypocritical school

It is hypocritical that the Line Mountain school board is not allowing the memorial page for the student who died of suicide to be published in the upcoming yearbook when they allowed this very thing to happen in 2014. A page was dedicated to the memory of a student who died by suicide after alleged cyber bullying. Yet, they are not allowing the memorial of a student who suffered from mental illness, a disease that affects millions.

Cutting the wrong thing

Trump plans to cut the funding for the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics provides those with so little in their lives, the disabled, with some meaning to their difficult lives. Trump found a trillion dollars for tax cuts for his rich friends, but says the government cannot afford to provide assistance to the Special Olympics. Trump’s proposed cut to this important program for those with disabilities is just another clear indication that Trump only cares for himself and his rich friends. Joe’s take: Trump will not cut funding to Special Olympics.

Reveal the report

If the Mueller Report clears Trump, let’s see it. Attorney General Barr was appointed by Trump — the individual being investigated. Too may people have been indicted for crimes and lies. The Attorney General cannot simply sweep this under the rug and say Trump is clear of any crime. The entire report must be revealed so we can have confidence in our judicial system.

Short and sweet

Hmm... Let’s see. Wears makeup. Dyes his hair. Won’t release his tax returns. Won’t allow anyone to see his college transcripts. Appoints speed reader William Barr as Attorney General so he can rapidly read a 300-page document and tell you everything in it in two days. Yep, that’s pretty much all you need to know about Donald Trump.


Way to go, AOAA! On Saturday morning (March 23) while driving through town, there were numerous off-road vehicles in front of me, one of them was doing wheelies through town. When we came to the four-way stop sign at Sixth and Walnut streets, none of them stopped. As we continued behind them they were all speeding and passing each other. Then they came to a dead stop right in front of us and they all did a U-turn and sped back down Walnut Street towards town. Off-road vehicles should be kept off-road!

Where’s the beef?

Where is the beef with Jim Zack? All PIAA officers are school administrators and his position requires him to be available 24/7 and on call. School sports and activities are integrated with a school administrator’s job. That’s just how it is. So what’s the beef with Jim? He’s doing an excellent job and people should be grateful what he’s done for the district.

Stalin was bad

Joseph Stalin was once a hip intellectual, atheist, socialist who wanted equality. Once he got government power he killed 60,000,000 of his own citizens.

Aside from the PIAA

As I continue reading this story about the PIAA and now there’s 13 more organizations in the district, do all the people in these organizations get paid also? Editor: Maybe, maybe not, but it’s not the point of the issue. The alleged issue is doing work for another organization (whether paid or unpaid) while being paid by taxpayers to do a job for the district.

Smells fishy

I’m not a college educated person, but I have been in every state and numerous countries and nothing gets past me too much in my 72 years. I can tell bull when I see it coming from the PIAA.

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