Time to vote

We have two governing bodies, Coal Township and Northumberland County. Both are using taxpayer money and legal fees to see who gets taxpayer money. We, the taxpayer, must settle this costly dispute at the election booth.

Personal responsibility

This is in response to your jeers editorial regarding Dr. Kraynak. It is clear that when one receives a prescription, the instructions are clearly listed on the bottle. For example, if a patient is to take four pills a day and they elect to swallow the bottle, is it the doctor or pharmacist’s fault, or is it the patients? I would submit that it is the patient’s fault. If you are stupid enough to swallow a whole bottle of pills, what happens is on you and not anybody else.

No satisfaction

Hi, all you Sound Off people out there. I would like to know who do you call when you get no satisfaction from code enforcement officers in Coal Township about garbage and trash being left for the rats to feast on?

In the sewer

Five and three-quarters inches of rain outside, 13 inches of water in my neighbor’s basement on Fifth Street in Mount Carmel and the same politicians who blew it with the sewer project 20 years later are still in charge. Mount Carmel residents need to wake up. We need real people who care about the town instead of politicians who only care about themselves.

Belief system

The Sound Off caller who continually complains that those who show concern for the children in cages at the border are the same people who support abortion: This person has absolutely no way of knowing what other people believe. My question is, if you are so pro-life, how could you have no concern for those children once they are born?

Gets worse

If Shoch and Scicchitano win their lawsuit against Coal Township, it will hurt every municipality in Pennsylvania by the precedent it establishes. Building permit fees provide the revenue necessary to make sure building construction is safe and follows appropriate ordinances. Without money from the fees to monitor construction our already declining neighborhoods would get a lot worse. Editor’s take: They aren’t arguing against fees; they are arguing against fees that go beyond what the work actually costs.

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