It never ends

Just when I had hoped it was over, Mr. Bomboy starts yapping against President Trump again like a deranged Chihuahua, straining at the leash of his handlers — The News-Item. Now he agrees with Kellyanne Conway’s husband, who said Trump is mentally deranged. You know what, Mr. Bomboy, Mr. Conway is a lawyer, not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Then Bomboy had to make an assumption about the Conways’ personal life. My advice to you, Mr. Bomboy, stop making assumptions and go back to writing articles on measles or bad backs. They are far more interesting than your constant muckraking and assumptions against President Trump.

Thinking of the baby

Concerning that pregnant Lourdes teacher, I really don’t think she has thought what is best for her child.

Not harassment

I’m beginning to think that this sexual harassment thing is going too far with women. They’re saying about Joe Biden standing behind a woman with his hands on her shoulders and whispering to her in her ear. They’re trying to make that a sexual harassment thing. I think it’s the Republicans; they’re trying to set up dirt on Biden because he would kill Donald Trump if he runs for president.

Too much homework

Line Mountain is talking about all the homeschooling that’s being done. Maybe if their teachers would teach their kids while they’re in school instead of sending all the homework home so the parents have to try to figure it out. They’re getting paid to teach, not send all the work home at night. You need to look at the teachers before you talk about the homeschool people. It starts with the teachers — they need to teach more.

Not a good pick

Turlis is not really a good choice for Northumberland County commissioner. He did not do an effective job when he was the mayor in Kulpmont. They lost their police protection during that time. He supported the council for wasting money. He’s not the person to vote for.

Embarrassed to be Catholic

I’ve been a practicing Catholic all of my life, but in the last two years I’m embarrassed to tell people I’m Catholic. I’m appalled by the way the diocese is treating the teacher from Lourdes. They’re coming out in full force against her because she has chosen to bring a life into the world. Where were these diocesan officials when children were being sexually abused? They were all busy covering it up and moving priests from one church to another.

Great show, SAHS

We’re so proud of all the young student performers in the “Les Miserables” musical. It was done so professionally and of course, to enjoy the music you have to understand the many hours of hard work that have gone into the preparation. This goes for the cast, stagecrew, lighting and sound, stage set, orchestra and anyone else involved. Many thanks to the directors and all responsible for the amazing production.

Two supers?

A depressed area with two superintendents. Wow. Why not split the salary among the two supers?

Dog attacks

In reference to the people that got bit in Shamokin by the pit bull: Don’t people know that you can’t have a pitbull and have insurance on your house or you have to pay through the nose to do it because of the dog? I think biting people, the police should have euthanized the dog right on the spot, instead of letting the dog go back into the house. I think the people who own the dog should have to pay a healthy fine or go to jail.

Salt and pepper

I have a question: I saw the picture of the geese peppering the surface of McWilliams Reservoir. Number one, how much pepper did they have to use to cover that whole thing? Number two, did they spread it evenly? Number three, why are we allowing geese to come in from Canada when we probably have American geese to spread the pepper? And they’re probably unionized. Anyone?

Armed and dangerous

I was reading the article on the stabbing on Fifth Street and I got thinking: Who brings baseball bats and shovels to a picnic? It almost sounds like it was premeditated, or do they just carry this stuff around looking for a fight?

Godspeed, officers

I would like to thank the two police officers who are leaving the force of the Shamokin Police Department. To Nate Rhodes and Jarrod Scandle: Best of luck to both of them, and please, watch your back.

Drug control?

Dear government: You can’t keep drugs off the streets, out of schools or even out of our federal prisons, yet you want me to disarm myself and trust you can keep guns from criminals?

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