Give credit where due

Oh, ye so uneducated. I’ve seen several calls about Biden “taking credit” for the lower gas prices but not taking the “blame” when they were higher. You know what, both those statements happen to be true. The price of gas went up for three reasons: 1. The Pandemic created such a low demand for several years; 2. The Russia/Ukraine war; and 3. (unfortunately for the MAGA’s), the former guy also cut a deal with OPEC to reduce production drastically. So yes, the former guy does play a part in the high gas prices — they don’t just magically increase when a new president comes in. Next, as for Biden, he has been strategically using reserves to ease some pain at the pump and it has worked. Everyone wanted him to do something, and he did, but now MTG (and some sound-off callers) want him impeached for doing so. So, you see, if you stick to the actual facts there is nothing wrong with Biden taking credit for something he actually had an impact on and not taking the blame for something he didn’t.

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