Street sweeper laugh

I read in Sound Off and it made me laugh because I see it myself with the street sweeper. My question is, why do we need a street sweeper run five days a week? Where does all this dirt come from, seriously? After he leaves there’s more dirt than when he started. Are they that bored that they have nothing else to do?

Right on

I am in total agreement with the call “Enough is enough.” Yes, I feel sorry for those people, but we did not ask them to bring their kids here. It is true and everybody knows it and every American knows it. However, let them stay there and fight for their own country. Our young men went overseas and did it, and for what? Now we have to worry about people coming here and sucking the country dry.

Handicapped spaces

Kulpmont needs to check on their handicapped parking spaces. People have moved over a year ago and they still have a handicapped parking space in front of their residence.

Kudos to you

Kudos to “Enough is enough.” We cannot take anymore illegal immigrants into our country. We just cannot afford it. And the Democrats won’t build a wall?

Double kudos

I was just reading “Enough is enough” and totally agree with that man. I do agree also it’s a ploy. These people should be fighting for what they want, just like we did, or we would be under Queen Elizabeth right now.

Candidate DUI

I sure hope that the school board candidate in the upcoming general election decides not to run. It’s an embarrassment when he makes the police blotter for DUI. It’s a shame, it’s a bad example for the students and you should resign from getting on the ballot.

Don’t blame fire

I was just at Geisinger Hospital and the price of gasoline in Danville was $2.77 as compared to the greed of $2.95 at local Shamokin/Mount Carmel area gas stations. How much more do you want to suck out of the local people? There is no excuse for greed and don’t blame it on the refinery fire.

Handicap sign

To the mentally impaired: It is against the law to dangle anything from your rearview mirror that obstructs your view. How ignorant and stupid are you to endanger the safety of everyone. Restricting your view by having your handicap placard dangling while driving is just plain ignorance. It is simple, put your handicap sign off and on for parking only.

If you get in an accident you will be held responsible for your negligence, ignorance and stupidity. You have been warned. Next time you may not be lucky and that child you hit, injure or kill will be in your blind-spot and you will go to jail for murder. Don’t be a fool, take your handicap sign down before you kill someone!

Buy the paper

Exactly how inept can a Shamokin city “Patrolman” be and still hold a position? Well, reading the recent News-Item article we all know. Let’s hope that the chief of police actually acts on this latest flub of that patrolman. I would sue the pants off that civil servant. And we watched TVLand for those hilarious adventures of one Barney Fife. Now we just need 75¢.

No government required

A caller asked if we should protect a right to discriminate against certain faiths. I ask, protect from who? The government should not choose sides in such matters. If you discriminate too much, you will put yourself out of business. What business is it you own, caller, so I may boycott it and help you along the path to closing?

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