Line hopper

The next time you are in line at the grocery store, the gas station, the movies, a sporting event or anywhere else, ask the person in front of you if they are a Democrat. If yes, just go around them and move in front. That is what Nancy and Chuck and Bob Casey are telling our illegal immigrants to do. It dishonors our country, our legal ancestry and our present and future.

The wait

I am “Different strokes.” I am sorry I confused you. I am saying, yes, you should apply for a green card, but after you apply it may take a long time. What I read is, especially places like Mexico, sometimes it takes longer. If you got in here illegally you can’t get one, but the wait at the borders is making things worse. Congress needs to get things right. Not just the wall, but in all respects.

See it through

It’s cute that the township and county might come to an agreement over permit fees, but it’s not fair to every homeowner and business who applies for a permit in the future. See this through; establish case law so everyone can be treated fairly. The 1 percent tax that all local municipalities use on new construction is not honest and discourages people from fixing their property.

Cult of probabilities

As each day goes by, the Trump cult looses more members. That is because some Trumpsters are coming out of their hypnotic trance to realize that Trump is more trouble than he is worth. They are finally realizing Trump is a danger to the country, hurting our long term economy and that he will soon be exposed for violating many state and federal criminal laws.

Policies working

Wherever you travel today, you see signs: “Now hiring. Apply within.” You see warehouses being built. And whose policies are the cause of that? President Trump’s. And who wants to put a stop to it? Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Disaster Don

You can really see where the Obama stock market started tapering off when Disaster Don took over and it sank like a lead balloon.

Waiting ...

Does anybody out there know when this Make America Great thing is supposed to come along? We’ve been waiting two years now. It’s been a disaster.

Great walls of fire

How appropriate that Trump’s party identifies itself with the color red. Just like Russia and China. Oh, that reminds me. The Berlin Wall ... the Great Wall of China. ...

Expo — say

Get ready for the next round of leaks. The Deep State will be exposed. Fake news — exposed. DOJ, CIA, FBI will be exposed.

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