Who’s on first?

Everybody knows we have the virus, but who in the United States knew about it two weeks before they declared something was wrong? The Republican president that said it will go away.

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like most people i've seen many joe biden ads, most of these deal with covid-19, now i'm sure with the high i q he brags about he will lead the team of researchers to find a cure but how does he stand on other issues? trump has the economy off and running until the pandemic unemployment was at an all time low so what exactly his he going to fix?


You are a moron , maybe he can fix you!


To real definition : anytime the government is giving any money to a citizen even though we pay into it or not it is still a social program. You said it yourself even the people that do not pay in get something. not much but something. I knew a person that paid nothing in , but still got a monthly cash check. Very little , but she still got something. So this is still socialism, plain and simple. So all the Trumpers crying Socialism are probably the first ones standing in the food bank line right now and can't wait for the next stimulus check! Give me a break! They do not know the meaning of the word!

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