Level up

It appears all of Trump’s administration employees are considered senior level. They must be short-term opportunities since so many individuals are fired or decide to leave on their own. Oh, well, from Knoebels to Washington, D.C., here I come. Now that’s a promotion!

Skirting issue

Loved the pictures of the Mount Carmel cheerleaders in Tuesday’s paper. They looked great in the skirts that aren’t super short, except for one. Wish other schools would lower their hemlines.

Bet on truth

Here is a question for all the Trump cult members out there. If you had to bet your life savings on either the truth of a statement made by Donald Trump or the truth of a statement by Bob Woodward, who would bet on? If you are honest, you picked Woodward. There is no doubt that Bob Woodward’s new book reporting that Trump is unhinged and a threat to national security is accurate. Assistant editor: Woodward has been accused of inaccuracies in his books. President Reagan called him a “liar.” So why is Woodward accurate?

On pace

Well, he’s at it again. One hundred and sixty days in office and he is now playing on one of his golf courses using taxpayers money. Trump is on the pace of surpassing eight years of Obama’s travel spending in one year. Can you believe that? Who in their right mind would vote for somebody like that?

Two peeps

I see the picture on the front page of The News-Item this morning and it seems to me there was only two people at the parade.

Where are parents?

What are 14-year-old kids doing out at 3 o’clock in the morning? Where are their parents? You know what the punishment should be? Put the kids and their parents in the facilities at the commissioners’ new campus.

Look back

It’s good we have a councilman like Walter Lutz. They should have had that Kulpmont sewer authority audited long ago. Go back 10 years. You’ll be surprised how much money is gone.

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In reply to look back: The Kulpmont Marion Heights Joint Municipal Authority is audited yearly and the findings are excellent! I suggest you come to the Authority Office and check them out to get your facts straight! If you have any other questions about the authority, please feel free to attend our monthly meeting Tues. 9/18 @ 7pm. in the borough building SAC. Bruno R Varano, Chairman Municipal Authority

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