Be kind

If you are self-employed and you run a small business, the secret to success is honesty and kindness, two simple things which most people in business today don’t have. Usually, they don’t stay in business too long. I know it is true, because I was in business.

Crude oil

I live in Kulpmont. When the price of oil goes down, the guy you are buying it from doesn’t lower his price, but when it goes up he says to raise the price because the oil is going up. They are trying to really give the customer a raw deal here.

Numbers game

Other countries do not have greater numbers of citizens with mental illnesses than we do. A little research would educate those who believe otherwise. Averaging 33,000 guns deaths a year is inexcusable. If 33,000 died of a preventable illness it would be considered a health crisis. No nation needs to have more guns than people.

Garbage in, garbage out

Pennsylvania was doomed no matter who would have won the election for governor. We have a cabinet maker who has buffaloed the unintelligent people in the state of PA. However, if we would have got Scott Wagner we just would have had a multi-billionaire bully of a CEO of a trash company who will do nothing. Let’s pray for a better election some other time.

Thrill is gone

According to the newspaper, the Choice Market robber did it “for the thrill.” Wonder if he was thrilled when he was arrested, also?

Of a feather

The president’s appointee as attorney general, Matt Whitaker, lives in the same alternate reality world as our commander of crazy Donald Trump. Whitaker claimed that DNA evidence proves the existence of Bigfoot and stated that time travel will be possible within the next decade. Whitaker is also a con man like Trump. His company is under investigation by the FBI for scamming $26 million from its clients. Birds of a feather flock together.

Can’t imagine

I would like to know if anybody can tell me how an atheist like Juan Williams can be on the Fox program every day and calling himself a Christian two times in the last two weeks. I can’t imagine he would ever be a Christian.

Check engine

The individual who stated that the midterm election gave Democrats their biggest victory since Watergate apparently did not do their homework. The real midterm facts are this: Clinton lost 52 seats and eight Senate seats. Obama lost 63 seats and six Senate seats. Trump lost 27 seats and gained four Senate seats. Once again, a Sound Off Democrat deceiver throwing out fake news.

Roll the bones

The only sound Notre Dame will hear is “roll tide.” The Irish will need more than magic to keep from getting another butt kicking from Alabama again.

First Amendment

I see where a local businessman was fined for disorderly conduct for using obscenities. Well, a few years back I had a Coal Township police officer who is obviously friends with a neighbor of mine tell me it is perfectly OK to use obscenities because that is his First Amendment right. I want to know what the confusion is here.

Dump them

The two MCA Jets A team coaches who committed this ridiculous act? They should be removed and never allowed to coach any sport again. If the Tri-County Midget Football League doesn’t do it, then the Jets organization definitely should.

What about Bob?

Kulpmont Councilman Bob Chesney is absent for another meeting. That is over half of the meetings this year that he has missed.

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