1 degree of separation

Jerome Corsi has turned state’s evidence in the Mueller investigation. Corsi originated the lie that Obama was not born in the U.S., which Trump used to get to the top of the Republican conspiracy theory garbage heap. With Corsi talking the FBI, they are only one person, Roger Stone, away from connecting Trump directly to the Russian attack on our election.

How it works

Are we really a divided country or is the media, either news programs and social sources, creating this atmosphere? Actually, the country started out divided. Some wanted to leave British rule while others opposed. The confrontations of 1776, 1812, 1860s or today’s “divided opinions” are not new or different. This is how our country works.

Death and justice

Liberals are screaming for justice and criticizing Trump over the death of the Saudi journalist. To be sure, that was a terrible crime. Where was all this outrage when the four American citizens were murdered in Benghazi due to the incompetence of the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Ask not ...

CNN has a show on about the Kennedys. The show makes the Kennedys look wonderful. In reality, the Kennedys were bums.

Add to calendar

To the Orange Man Bad crowd, pay attention to John Hoover Dec. 5.

Selective immigration

I don’t know why President Trump has a hard time letting immigrants into this country. The governors or the senators or the congressmen who want these immigrants — just send the busloads into their states.

Yes, allies

Here’s my take on the article about Trump and America First. Trump’s right on the Saudis: They are our allies. We deal with them as allies, as Roosevelt dealt with Stalin. They are a bulwark against Iran, which wants to destroy us and Israel. Obama gave millions in cash to Iran.

Thanks for what?

Thanks, Shamokin Area School Board, for giving the taxpayers a Thanksgiving gift — five more months with a second superintendent and tens of thousands of more spent. For what? Happy Thanksgiving, directors.

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