Bank bailout

To the caller who claims this economy is Obama’s because “he bailed out the banks.” The American taxpayer is on the hook for at least $35,000 per household to pay for the bailout of the bankers, GM, etc. Since you think it was so great perhaps you’d offer to cover my share. And yes, I know Trump is in track to spend even more.

Liberal smackdown

Thank you, President Trump, for your well-deserved smackdown of the liberals in Congress. People are sick and tired of their progressive mantra nonsense, and it’s uplifting to see them get it from someone who tells it like it is. It’s always the liberals that want to bring the color of skin into the conversation, because if they didn’t have race to talk about then they would have nothing.

Asphalt millings

Lock up the backhoe keys. There are seven councilman in Kulpmont. Can one of them speak up and take Mr. Fanella off oversight of the street department? Look at the mess he made, besides the church picnic grounds. He obviously doesn’t have a clue. He’s making the entire town look a mess by spreading those asphalt millings.

Snowflake sorrows

Sound Off snowflakes, including Bomboy, were sure our president hijacked the Fourth of July for a political rally. Well, myself and a lot of other U.S.A. lovers were happy to see our military being thanked for their success, past and present, for our country’s history. The snowflakes are so upset because the Democratic debate clearly showed President Trump as the winner. After the election, he can work on repealing the 22nd Amendment! Joe’s take: Keep in mind on repealing the 22nd: What if a very popular liberal president gets in office and keeps winning elections like FDR did?

Best of friends

Why do conservatives always bring up Clinton when it’s said that Trump and Epstein were buddies? He’s not the president anymore, and it doesn’t make Trump any less guilty. Lock them both up. Joe’s take: Because our former president has ties to Epstein, and what he claims doesn’t match up with documented facts. Clinton claims he flew on Epstein’s plane four times, flight records document 26. Somebody’s lying.

Just like the ’30s

At Trump’s North Carolina political rally, I watched the president of the United States demonizing a foreign-born American citizen, who happens to be an elected Congresswoman. His rhetoric ignited the crowd to chant “Send Her Back!” It reminded me of the historic film of the 1930s Nazi Nuremberg Rally led by Adolf Hitler.

They are citizens

I am in bad health more and more, yet I am lucky to be here. What difference does color or ancestry make? Try love. I think some are right. What would our maker do in this case? Who would he accept into heaven? Yes, some very dumb things are said by all. We are the children of our wonderful parents, whether they were slaves or those who came here trying to make things better and still do today. Would our Lord send them back? They are citizens.

‘I see nothing!’

Did you ever drive through Shamokin in the evening and see kids in clusters of 15 or more at a time hanging on a corner. I’ve seen at least 15 loitering at the Levans’ building steps by Wendy’s the other night and it is clearly marked “no loitering.” Where are the police to break this up? Can’t they patrol town once in a while to see what’s going on and put a stop to this nonsense? Now I see why they put the police station in a pole shed at the old mill site instead of the Guarantee Trust Building in the center of town. The further they are from the action, the better. Sgt. Schultz would be proud of them — “I see nothing!”

Sulfur creek

The state gives $136 million for investment in water infrastructure, which includes water quality improvements. Shamokin has a bright orange creek with sulfur water running through the community. It would be nice to get some money for Shamokin. The last treatment pond for the creek was added in 2006.

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