Are you illegal?

Mr. Bomboy, just one question: Did your ancestors sneak into the country under the cover of night, avoiding immigration laws and authorities?

Sweeping praise

Just wanted to recognize the city street sweeper for doing such a nice job of making such nice even lines of dirt and pretty swirls of dirt and gravel at the intersections. It should definitely not be called a street sweeper.

Easter joy

For two years we have witnessed cruelty and unkindness towards many. As Easter approaches, we should remember Christ’s words: Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, you do unto me.

Felon in office

I don’t know what everybody is complaining about Lt. Gov. Fetterman’s appointment of Mr. Flood to the pardon board. I think it’s great that we have a Lt. Gov. and a Gov. that understand that we as human beings are not perfect and do make mistakes. I’m glad to see Mr. Flood is on the pardon board because it shows that the pardon board can make an unbiased determination on pardons in Pa. People wanted Tom Wolf in Pa. twice, so the people who are calling in because they don’t like him because of his party or ideas are going to have to suck it up.

Absent council members

I just read the recap from the Kulpmont council meeting. Bob Chesney and Mike Sinopoli absent again. They attend under 50 percent of the meetings since they’ve been elected. But if they need to get a picture in the paper they’ve been 100 percent with showing up at those.

Listen up!

Charles Shuey wants to discuss “facts”? He says of the county’s fee lawsuit, “if successful”? News flash: The township lost the lawsuit months ago. The judge knew the facts, not lies about construction cost over-runs. Trump won the election and the county won the fee lawsuit. Please write it down and get over it on your own time.

Oath means nothing

The president swore an oath on the bible to protect and defend the laws of this country, but that does not matter to Trump. Last week, Trump told the head of the (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) to break the law, promising to pardon him later. That is the act of a mob boss not the president of the United States. Trump is a disgrace to the office of the presidency.

Speaking treason

In the last few days, Trump accused the staff of the Mueller investigation and Democrats who oppose his border policy as “treasonous.” The constitutional definition of treason is someone who gives aid and comfort to a country at war with the U.S. Commander Crazy likes to describe anyone that disagrees with him as treasonous. Fascists leaders have always used treason as a reason to attack and lock up their opponents. If Trump cult members are convinced that Trump’s opponents are “traitors” then using violence to silence those who Trump identifies as treasonous could be thought of as a patriotic act by some right-wing nut and result in attacks on Trump opponents. Joe’s take: Aren’t you glad that the federal government doesn’t have political police to arrest anyone who writes stuff like this about the president?

44 years and counting

I was not born here, but I have lived in this area for 44 years — counted them. So if you were born and raised here and are 41, I trump you. Sound silly? Yes, but then some of you say politics here are bad, everything else, stores, land, cats, dogs. So why are those coming here getting such a great deal? The day we moved into our house an old lady told us to cut “our” trees down, some were on her property. The rest were on the property line and (the tree) was 100 years old. So we raked leaves onto ours and scrunched them up with a mower. Now the trees are gone and I’m the old lady. You gotta laugh sometimes.

Great retreat

I would like to thank Our Lady of Lourdes, Holy Angels and Father Frank and the teachers for the wonderful annual Catholic school retreat that happened on April 12. The students had a wonderful time. They learned a lot and the food was delicious. Thank you for all your hard work.

Wells Fargo building

What an excellent idea to have the Wells Fargo building as Mount Carmel Borough hall. It’s located centrally in the city, large, strong, and well-built building. The third floor could be rented and parking across the street for police cars. Why let that building go to waste? It would make a great city hall.


I read, with interest, Charlie Shuey’s letter on Saturday about the Coal Township and the county commissioner’s argument with their lawsuit. He’s saying it will cost Coal Township residents. Well, he ought to think about himself in the sense that he was part of the crew who voted our transitional superintendent in for $177,000 a year, costing the taxpayers when we could put that to education.

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