Common sense

President Obama and the Democrats supported and were building a portion of the wall, now they say no wall. Caravans with hundreds of people coming from three countries and the Democrats want to supply them with health care, beds, food, clothing, housing and schooling. I guess the next thing will be a new car. Who pays the bill? Well, you the taxpayer. The country needs common sense and elected people to do their jobs and not play politics. God bless America.

Children of the grave

Democrats don’t believe in separating children from their parents at our southern border, but thanks to Democratic Gov. Cuomo of New York a woman can kill her baby when she goes into labor. All you Democrats, think about that for a minute. You can almost hear Satan laughing with delight. How proud of your party do you feel now?

Too late

Bishop Gainer of the Harrisburg Diocese’s statement is appreciated, but so late.


What an absolutely ridiculous project that is being considered. Spending $500 million for Obama’s museum and library. You should be aware of the state of our country.


I would like to mention the fact as a reminder that the border wall is what you would consider a shovel-ready job, and we know how well people love shovel-ready jobs. Obama was very big on shovel-ready jobs.

Hop to it

I am reading the section in The News-Item about the presidents and, boy, this John Tyler had 15 children. He was the accidental president because the guy before him, Harrison, died of pneumonia after a month. Boy, he was a busy, mad rabbit, wasn’t he? Assistant editor’s take: President Tyler was married twice.

Check my brain

This is a News-Item reader from Shamokin calling, and I want to say thank you to the Coal Township Recycling Center for putting their yearly schedule in the paper as far as the date that they are open and the dates that they are closed. For the rest of you people, have a brain, cut it out and put it on the front of your refrigerator with a magnet. That way you can’t complain that, oh, my goodness gracious, the recycling center is closed for another day.

Steel wheels

Where are the new steel mills that Trump was bragging about?

Stretch Armstrong

Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia is labeled as racist in a so-called scandal, highly publicized by Republicans, because of the picture of him with a black face at a college party. Are Afro-American clowns who paint their face white also considered racist? Is a “white” person who dresses as Michael Jackson or Jimi Hendricks for a Halloween party a racist? Ladies, be careful how you apply your lipstick. You could be labeled a racist. Frog’s take: Give me a break! If he were a Republican you would be calling for his head and composing a letter to the editor about it.

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