Very good job

I am watching TV right now and I think Donald Trump is doing a very good job on running this nation and I don’t think they should worry about impeaching him because he is doing a very good job.

Crazy train

You know, this country must be crazy. They are worried about illegal aliens and immigrants. There are people in Kulpmont that go around every night to look at empty houses so they can sleep in them.


Who said crime does not pay? Some goofy judge gave a lifer in prison $110,00. Boy, he could bribe a lot of guards with that.

Check it out

I think before you give a teacher a gun in school you better check his background. That is very critical of hiring a teacher. I know nobody gets checks because there is too much friendship going on in these schools.

Same words, different party

All you pro-immigration Democrats calling Sound Off need to do a little research. Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton made almost identical comments when they were president as Trump is doing right now. The only difference is that they are Democrats. You people are hypocrites.

Plan B

Shoot up a grade school, the answer is we need more guns. Shoot up a high school, the answer is more guns. Shoot up a community college, the answer again, more guns. Shoot up a university. We need more guns. Shoot up a church, guards would change that with more guns. Shoot up a synagog, more guns. Shoot up a concert, more guns. Shoot up a workplace, more guns. Shoot up a bar or a nightclub, we need more guns. I think we need a new plan.

I, me, mine

Obama was the ultimate cult leader. Every speech was nonstop “I, me, I, me, I, me.” You could count how many times he said “I, me” in every speech.

Good reason

Florida and Arizona are the reasons should have to have an ID to be able to vote.

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