Act of kindness

Today, along with a long-time girlfriend, I was the recipient of a random act of kindness. This is our thank you to the man, who at Brewsers restaurant, anonymously paid for our lunch. We don’t know who you are; however, I hope you subscribe to the paper, read Sound-Off and see our thank you. Thank you so much.

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To Voter Fraud.....really?? You believe the guy who had hair dye running down his face? Are you really that gullible??


Yep, he / she is that gullible !!! LOL


To sick of covid::: The Dr's and scientists are telling us how to get rid of it , but people will not listen! It is going against their rights, after all!


If you believe that nonsense that the clown Rudy spewed yesterday , I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell you. Let me guess you also believe in Q anon! Wow, there is just no end to the stupidity of Trump cult followers!!

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