Know your role

Great letter by Jack Strausser on the role of government in our society. The fact is a government that works for the people is essential and even if they don’t want to admit it, those complaining in Sound Off benefit from democratically established socialist programs.

Ten percenter

Trump is telling how much he and the Republicans are working for families. Yes, the stock market went up, but 80 percent of the stock market is owned by the richest 10 percent of Americans, so most workers see little from the market. Republicans refuse to raise the minimum wage and have repealed rules that increased the number of workers entitled to overtime pay. Yes, maybe rich families are doing great, but not average workers.

Sad but true

If you didn’t read the article in last Friday’s paper, “I am 18, and I belong to the massacre generation,” I suggest you go back and read it. It is deeply sad but true. The author, Julia Gibson, recalls some of the massacres which have occurred in her short lifetime. I do not have an answer for how to stop these terrible acts from happening; however, I pray daily that we have seen the last of them and the people responsible will face a swift and severe punishment, which can only be the death penalty. Please join me in prayer.

White walker

We’ve all heard the expression “every vote counts.” However, in certain states and different locations that is not the case. Unfortunately, Republican voter suppression rules and regulations, prove that statement to be false, invalid and far from the truth. However, my vote will probably count. I’m an “old white guy.”

Years of decay

Donald Trump has transformed the decaying Republican Party into a cult. Cult leaders promise their followers a return to a mythical golden age. He demonizes a group or individuals and then vows to crush them. The more a cult leader defies social norms the more popular he becomes.

Call of duty

Just wondering if all the Sound Off Trump lovers followed in his footsteps when it came to serve on active duty or did they leave that to others so they could go make money.

Lemon head

According to Don Lemon on CNN, the problem in this country is white men. How can there be white men without white women? Should they be excluded or included in the problem? And why would anyone in the caravan carry a flag of the country they are seeking asylum from? It makes absolutely no sense. If walls won’t work to keep people out, why do we use them to keep people in?

Half the battle

All you need to know about the Democrats: They call Americans “deplorables” and illegal immigrants “dreamers.”

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