Fake Fox

Do you recall the many claims of “fake news” made by the president and the Trump news network, Fox? The news reports of the deceptive, embarrassing and potentially criminal behavior of Trump and his staff has been factually verified in the 448 page Mueller Report, proving it was not fake news. Do you think the talking heads on Planet Fox will now correct their errors in reporting? Real journalists would issue a correction for mistaken reporting but no one ever accused the Fox News staff of being real journalists. Joe’s take: And the news spinners at CNN or MSNBC are always unbiased, right? When I was a kid we had Cronkite, and I never realized how biased he was until I was an adult. But, let’s face it, we all have our biases.

Sad, sad parties

Sadly, Democrats and Republicans are often painted as those that have certain beliefs as noted in a recent Sound Off. I am a Democrat, but sound like a Republican. Sorry, but we are all individuals. I vote for who I think is the best person to be fair to all, period. Joe’s take: That’s why I went independent in 2012.

Obama didn’t care

Correct me if I’m wrong, but did not the Russians meddle in our elections in 2016 when Obama was in office? I believe he knew about it and did nothing. So why is this caller in Sound Off blaming President Trump?

Gas tax woes

I thought when they legalized casino gambling in Pennsylvania that the revenue from those would go to the infrastructure in Pennsylvania. Where did all that money go?

Read the report

For those who are interested, the Mueller Report is available on Amazon for free. And, yes, Joe, you are naive, 80,000 Russian bots and trolls influenced many.

Wake up

Is Karl Kort the only guy in the community that has any brains? Can’t you see the Democrats are acting like Hitler? They want to control your life. Wake up, people! Are you blind? What they’re doing to Trump they’re going to do to you.

Honest Joe

If you think Joe Biden is so honest, ask him about the deal he made with Ukraine to give his stepson $3 million a year.

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As to Fake Fox: Dear Joe, you want to explain your bias? You are the editor? You should stop meddling. is the News Item fake news and propaganda too? Starting to look that way.


Fake Fox - Joe, you are correct, everyone has their biases and you show yours every time you you comment on someone else's sound-off...

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