The Mount Carmel Rotary Club has recently announced that the guest speakers for this year’s 100th annual football banquet honoring the 2018 Red Tornadoes football team will be the Diminick brothers.

For the last 60 years, the name most synonymous with Mount Carmel Area has been Diminick. Starting with legendary head coach Joe “Jazz” Diminick in 1962, Diminick has been the name that turned MCA into a statewide power. Jazz mentored the Tornadoes until the 1992 season, and along the way won 267 games while losing only 67 of 355 games coached. He won three Eastern Conference Championships and five Southern Division Crowns along the way. He has been inducted into every hall of fame both statewide and nationally. The field at the Silver Bowl was recently dedicated as the Jazz Diminick Field.

In addition to Jazz’s leadership from the sidelines, the Red Tornadoes also gained the on-field services of his 6 sons — Gary, Ken, Joe, Ed, John, and Mike. All they did was win 151 games, while losing only 32 during the 16 years they took the field for the Big Red. It should come as no surprise that at least one of them were on the field for each of those above-mentioned championships.

If you take the time to add it all up, Diminick’s sons contributed 212 touchdowns, 1,341 points, 10,956 rushing yards and 19, 977 all-purpose yards. That equates to 11.35 miles of Mount Carmel offense.

Five of them would be named to all-state teams and five would play in Big 33 games, while three would earn all-American honors (Gary, Joe and Mike). They brought national recognition to Mount Carmel Area just by playing for guys by the name of Parsegian, Paterno, Bill Russo, and Steve Spurrier — all of whom would get to know where Mount Carmel Area was and also what it was about.

Gary was fortunate enough to win a collegiate national championship while playing at Notre Dame in 1973 and Joe got to play in the game that would decide the national championship in 1979 while a member of the Penn State secondary. Gary and Joe took part in three bowl games each – back when there only were five and not 40 like there are now.

Tickets for this year’s banquet, which will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Brady Fire Company Banquet Hall, are now available at the Mount Carmel Area High School, Matlow’s and Academy Sports. No tickets will be sold at the door.

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