As Southern lit up the scoreboard due to its big plays from its star players, one factor that may have got lost in the 48-0 win was its line play.

The Tigers’ defensive line bulldozed its way into the Indians’ backfield and linebacke Cal Haladay had a few tackles including one that pinned Shamokin and quarterback Collin Bowers deep in its own territory.

Southern swarmed around Bowers for most of the time the starters were in the game.

“They’re a powerhouse. They’re a powerhouse team. They’re a great team. The only thing I can say is we’ll get them next year,” Shamokin sophomore offensive lineman Shane Hess said.

Tigers defensive end Lear Quinton talked about the mindset the defense had versus Shamokin’s offense.

“We’re just trying to play our areas, trying to force it, have our linebackers make the big plays. When the ball came to us we’re just trying to make those tackles,” Quinton explained.

The standout defender also said his fellow Tigers felt “pretty confident”.

Quinton also broke down the how the Southern defense found ways into Shamokin’s backfield.

“When you feel them back up to set up for pass block, you hit you’re moves. You get past them. But, you gotta be careful about, exactly how far upfield you go because then you gotta come back,” Quinton said.

As far as how Southern was able to find success running the ball during the contest, fullback Ty Roadarmel said Shamokin’s defensive position helped.

“They were putting Blake Zalar and Matt Knowles, their two best guys on the line, over to the right side,” Roadarmel said. “We were able to benefit from that by running to the left, which I believe hurt them.”

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