WILLIAMSPORT – Caroline Fletcher was in the race of her life, trying to pull her Mount Carmel Area girls 4x800-meter relay team to their second consecutive District 4 Class AA championship.

She was battling for most of her anchor lap with Warrior Run’s Lauren Trapani and Lewisburg’s Anna Batkowski.

As they came to the finish line of the grueling race at Williamsport’s STA Stadium, Trapani was leading with Fletcher stuck to her shoulders.

With less than 50 meters to go, it was time for Fletcher to do her thing.

The sophomore pulled even and passed the Defender with 40 meters to go and won by a half second.

“I just had to grit my teeth and I gave it my all, and I’m glad that we caught them,” said an excited Fletcher moments after bringing the baton home for teammates Talia Mazzatesta, Molly Petrucci and Mia Chapman in a season-best 9:40.39.

Mount Carmel’s DaniRae Renno also won a gold, taking the AA discus with a 109-foot throw.

On the boys’ side, Mount Carmel also won the 4x800 relay with a blistering 8:02.44, leading five other teams to the state meet next week by meeting the qualifying time.

Fletcher was especially excited that she ran a personal-best split of 2:13.9.

“I knew they’re all tough competition. I just tried to give it my all for my team. That’s pretty much all that matters,” she said of taking the baton in third place.

“We have a lot of training but nothing really trains you for a race like that,” she said. “You just gotta keep running fast and you gotta keep up with the competition the whole time.”

The Red Tornadoes’ unit of Dylan Pupo, Devon Lawler, Krystof Lapotsky and Andrew Rooney had just one glitch, but it didn’t cost them. The handoff from third leg Lapotsky to anchor Rooney was a little rough, but Rooney was able to quickly recover.

“That was most definitely scary. I’ve been really nerve-racked because everything this season has been leading up to this moment,” Rooney said.

“You have to blow out no matter what happens. Even if I dropped it I would have picked it up and went,” he said.

But Rooney fought off both Damien Moser of Warrior Run. He heard foot steps and thought to himself, “This cannot happen, I have to go now.”

“This was probably the most important race in my career and I’m glad we pulled ourselves together to win,” he said.

The Red Tornadoes knocked 10 seconds off their seed time.

“We needed everything. We only ran this team once, in the Breslin Invitational at our stadium,” he said.

Southern Columbia junior Julian Fleming had another great day at the office, twice running personal bests in the 100 dash, the second one (10.96) coming in the semifinals to advance him to the finals.

Shamokin Area’s Joey Masser took the AAA high jump with a 6-3.

Masser did his personal best 6-5 two weeks ago, then 6-0 in last week’s Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference meet.

“I had the win so I wanted to go for 6-6 ½ for the school record but I didn’t get my feet through,” Masser said, “but I’m looking forward to next week at states.”

“I felt a little better today, but I’m still a little sore, my hips are still sore but I’m alright with that.”

Fleming said of the 10.96 in the 100 that it’s all about seeding and he wanted to bust a great time for Saturday’s finals.

In the long jump (22-5 ½), he said, “It’s frustrating. The last one was a 23-11, but my toe was on the line.”

“It’s just about fine tuning stuff and hitting the board and getting my run-throughs in,” he said.

The 200 dash semifinals were halted because of a camera malfunction at the finish line. The event will be reseeded and run as a Finals only on Saturday.

District 4 Championships

At STA Stadium

Williamsport High School

Teams and key: Athens (A); Bloomsburg (Bl); Canton (Can); Central Columbia (CC); Central Mountain (CM); Danville (Dan); East Juniata (EJ); Hughesville (Hu); Jersey Shore (JS); Lewisburg (Lew); Loyalsock (Loy); Meadowbrook Christian (Mea); Midd-West (MW); Mifflinburg (Miff); Milton (Milt); Millville (Mlv); Montoursville (Mtv); Mount Carmel (MC); Muncy (Mu); Northeast Bradford (NEB); North Penn (NP); Sayre (Sa); Selinsgrove (Sel); Shamokin (Sham); Shikellamy (Shik); Southern Columbia (SC); South Williamsport (SW); Sullivan County (Sull); Towanda (Tow); Troy (Tr); Warrior Run (WR); Wellsboro (Well); Williamsport (Will); Williamson (Wms); Wyalusing (Wy).


Class AA

Long jump final: 1. Julian Fleming (SC), 22-5.5; 2. Benjamin Gambrell (A), 21-11.75; 3. Darren Baidoo (Lew), 21-2.75; 4. Sean Campbell (Tow), 20-5.75; 5. Dominic Caputo (Mtv), 20-01,75; 6. Osiris Hemphill (Bl), 19-10.5; 7. Brock Evert (MC), 19-7.25; 8. Devyn Parks, Tr, 19-0.

Javelin final: 1. Cole Heintzelman (CC), 180-5; 2. Gavin Livermore (Mtv), 175-6; 3. Nate Crowl (SC), 174-8; 4. Trae Devlin (CC), 168-0; 5. Stone Hollenbach (SC), 163-1; 6. Dylan Farronato (Lew), 155-10; 7. Tim Mong (Milt), 149-11; 8. William McGinley (Bl), 144-8.

100 semifinals (qualifiers): Julian Fleming (SC), 10.96; Jacob Reeder (Mtv), 11.29; Damian Hudson (A), 11.32; Hunter Coulter (Bl), 11.41; Owen Keister, Milt, 11.44; Jared Verse (CC), 11.49; Tanner Karycki (MC), 11.50; Silas Wagaman (A), 11.64.

110 hurdles semifinals (qualifiers): Kameron Schreffler (Lew), 15.03; Jake Rose (SC), 15.23; Zach Bedell (Lew), 15.30; Kenley Caputo (Milt), 15.88; Ian Huntington (CC), 16.09; Nathan Snyder (CC), 16.09; John Schrader (Tow), 16.4; Dustin Hagin (Tr), 16.7.

4x800 relay final: 1. MC (Dylan Pupo, Derek Lawler, Krystof Lapotsky, Andrew Rooney), 9:02.44; 2. WR (Caden Dufrene, Tyrese Hazzoum, Addison Magyar, Damein Moser), 8:03.43; 3. Lew, 8:03.94 (SQT); 4. CC, 8:09.07 (SQT); 5. Wy, 8:09.55 (SQT); 6. SW, 8:17.50; 7. Milt, 8:21.32; 8. Loy, 8:36.45.

Class AAA

Triple jump final: 1. Allen Taylor (Will), 42-8; 2. Thor Britton (Sel), 42-2.75; 3. Jagger Dressler (Dan), 42-1.75; 4. Billy Delbaugh (Sham), 41-7; 5. Gray Catherman (Sel), 41-2.25.

100 semifinals (qualifiers): Ry’Meer Brown (Will), 11.65; Peyton Persing (Dan), 11.30; Joe Folk (Shik), 11.26; Eric Zimmerman (Miff), 10.91; Lucas Tilford (Shik), 11.10; Gavin Colescott (Shik), 11.28; Matt Schiccatano (Sham), 11.57; 8. Dean Hollenbach (Sel), 11.69.

110 hurdles semifinals: Ezra Miller (JS), ‘16.30; Brandon Zimmerman (Dan), 15.39; Ethan Williamss (Will), 15.21; Allen Taylor (Will), 14.81; Marshall Buggy (Sham), 15.33; Cameron Leib (Shik), 15.46; Gray Catherman (Sel), 16.21; Cole Catherman (Sel), 16.34.

4x800 relay final: 1. Shik (Eric Dixon, Jason Griffin, Paul Snyder, Logan Strouse), 8:13.53; 2. Sham (Dennis Cole, Ethan Tharp, Conner Anascavage, Cliff Zheng), 8:16.90; 3. Dan, 8:19.74; 4. Will, 8:27.13; 5. Sel, 8:43.18; 6. JS, 8:53.17.


Class AA

Long jump final: 1. Hailey Zurich (Loy), 17-6.25; 2. Sophia Gardner (Loy), 17-5.5; 3. Dahlia Hosey (Well), 16-5.5; 4. Ariana Gambrell (A), 16-2.5; 5. Charlotte Neylon (Loy), 16-2.25; 6. Blessing Laudermilch (Wy), 15-8.5; 7. Jessica Umpstead (Mtg), 15-7.5; 8. Jackie Stokes (Mea), 15-3.5.

Discus final: 1. DaniRae Renno (MC), 102-1; 2. Maddy Downs (Lew), 100-10; 3. Kaitlyn Dawes (Mtv), 96-4; Olivia Bartlow (A), 94-3; 5. Karlee Wallis (Hu), 93-7; 6. Faith Laudermilch (Wy), 93-6; 7. Morgan Millard (Tr), 92-5; 8. Paige Howell (NEB), 89-0.

100 semifinals (qualifiers): Alexa Rine (Mlv), 12.66; Hailey Zurich (Loy), 12.67; Charlotte Neylon (Loy), 12.89; Lily Leh (Bl), 12.90; Sophia Gardner (Loy), 12.94; Kassidy Beinlich (Sull),13.15; Rilee McMahon (CC), 13.12; Annalise Getola (Tr), 13.16.

100 hurdles (qualifiers): Julia Boyle (Sa), 16.66; Lylah Oswald (Wy), 16.30; Kari Cambria (SC), 15.59; 4. Megan Kendall (Loy), 15.10; Ariana Gambrell (A), 15.43; Claire Miller (Wms),

4x800 relay final: 1. MC (Talia Mazzatesta, Molly Petrucci, Mia Chapman, Caroline Fletcher), 9:40.39; 2. WR, 9:40.89; 3. Lew, 9:45.77; 4. Mtv, 10:10.86; 5. Loy, 10:12.72; 6. Tr, 10:13.44.

Class AAA

Triple jump final: 1. Madison Williard (Sel), 35-10.25; 2. Mia Peifer (Shik), 33-9.5; 3. Brooke Snyder (Shik), 33-7.75; 4. Madison Stebila (Sel), 32-9.5; 5. Hannah Doll (Sel), 32-9.5; 6. Maya Trump (Will), 32-5.

High jump final: 1. Leah Bergey (Milt), 5-3; Madison Stebila (Sel), 5-1; 3. Lydia Smith (Will), 4-11; 4. Veronica Sander (JS), 4-11; 5. Zoe Betz (Shik), 4-11; 6. (tie), Summer Smerlick (Shik), Jessa Paczkoski (Sham), Hannah Grove (Sel), 4-7.

Shot put final: 1. Kamryn Snyder (Milt), 36-8; 2. Ashley Gaugler (Sel), 35-6.25; 3. Kaytlyn Reitenbach (Shik), 34-10; 4. Lynzee Ruhl (Miff), 33-10.5; 5. Kinsey Metzger (Sel), 33-9; 6. Samiyah Little (Will), 33-6. 9k)

100 semifinals (qualifiers): Madeline Shaffer (Will), 13.40; Julia Laubach (Miff), 12.92; Jordan Moten (Shik), 12.91; Katie Penman (Will), 12.72; Megan Hoffman (Sel), 12.73; Janae Bergey (Milt), 13.20; Taylor Fleming (JS), 13.43; Linae Williams (Dan), 13.47.

110 hurdles semifinals (qualifiers): Kassie Gelnett (Sel), 17.44; Chloe Yoder (Sham), 16.35; Jessica Robinson (Will), 16.15; Leah Bergey (Milt), 15.22; Madison Williard (Sel), 16.53; Mackenzie Good (Shik), 16.90; Julia Minnicks (Dan), 16.92; Kylie Roup (Milt), 17.59.

4x800 relay final: 1. Shik (Macy Carper, Alyssa Keeley, Nicole Keeley, Lauren Kearney), 9:36.35; 2. Will, 9:53.78; 3. JS, 9:59.19; 4. Dan, 10:04.23; 5. Sel, 10:16.07; 6. Milt, 10:26.49.

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