Gaige Garcia is the top seed at 195 pounds for the always-tough Chambersburg Trojan Wars wrestling tournament set to kick off today and run through Saturday.

Southern Columbia’s Kole Biscoe (113) is ranked 9th at his weight, Patrick Edmondson (132) is 4th, Preston Zachman (220) is 7th and Lear Quinton (285) is 5th.


106: 1. Erik Roggie, St. Christopher’s; 2. Michael Dolan, Spring Mills; 3. Ethan Reneger, Robinson; 4. Evan Maag, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 5. Noah Clawson, Carlisle; 6. Ethan Herr, Donegal; 7. Easton Toth, Forest Hills; 8. Dom Findora, Downingtown West; 9. Raif Barber, Boiling Springs. 113: 1. Adam Jacob, East Pennsboro; 2. Josh Bauman, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 3. Ruston Dzielak, Cumberland Valley; 4. Jeffery Russell, Shippensburg; 5. Luke Hart, St. Christopher’s; 6. Mason Casey, Garden Spot; 7. Jackson Arrington, Forest Hills; 8. Thomas Gradwell, Northeastern; 9. Kole Biscoe, Southern Columbia. 120: 1. Ryan Crookham, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 2. Cole Wilson, Northeastern; 3. Caydin Wickard, Boiling Springs; 4. Ben Monn, Cumberland Valley; 5. Joshua Pence, Robinson; 6. Nate Smith, Bishop McDevitt; 7. Bailey Gimbor, Hamburg; 8. Ayden Miller, Cambridge Springs; 9. Noah Marrone, Washington; 10. Noah Hunt, Warrior Run. 126: 1. Dalton Gimbor, Hamburg; 2. Dylan Ramsey, Shippensburg; 3. Cole Grove, Chambersburg; 4. Rafael Portillo, Carlisle; 5. Brandon Chletsos, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 6. Dominic Chaclas, Unionville; 7. Justin Gessner, Lewisburg; 8. Joshua Graff, Garden Spot; 9. Tylor Herzing, St. Marys; 10. Kevin Schork, St. Christopher’s; 11. Dylan Bowers, Donegal. 132: 1. Chase Shields, Bishop McDevitt; 2. Richie Markulics, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 3. Tye Varndell, Cambridge Springs; 4. Patrick Edmondson, Southern Columbia; 5. Tyler Dilley, St. Marys; 6. Timmie Dieter, Sherando; 7. Ethan Hardy, Washington; 8. Liam Gordon, Robinson; 9. Hunter Dodson, Spring Mills; 10. Clay Baker, Spring Grove; 11. Byron Daubert, Forest Hills; 12. Kyle Vernon, Hamburg. 138: 1. Tyler Williams, Souderton; 2. Connor Alexander, St. Christopher’s; 3. T.T. Elhajj, Lower Dauphin; 4. Colton Jumper, Carlisle; 5. Jack Coulson, Boiling Springs; 6. Nick Vonelli, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 7. Cade Reichart, Cumberland Valley; 8. Heath Rudolph, Sherando; 9. Gino Girard, Robinson; 10. Spencer Runshaw, Chambersburg. 145: 1. Kollin Myers, Boiling Springs; 2. Tyler Martin, Bishop McDevitt; 3. Tate Nichter, Chambersburg; 4. Erik Gibson, Forest Hills; 5. Thomas Dressler, Spring Grove; 6. T.J. Henry, Penn Charter; 7. Connor Trowbridge, Souderton; 8. Gavin Eanes, Sherando; 9. Luke Sainato, Gettysburg; 10. Page Karsteter, Fairfield; 11. Brock Moore, Greater Johnstown. 152: 1. Andrew Cerniglia, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 2. Sammy Toggas, Evangel Christian Institute; 3. Alex Bittner, St. Marys; 4. Colton Zimmerman, Carlisle; 5. Matthew Park, Robinson; 6. Seth Runshaw, Chambersburg; 7. Quinn McPartland, Sherando; 8. Jameson Knotts, St. Christopher’s; 9. Hunter Gregoris, Big Spring; 10. Bob Krug, Forest Hills. 160: 1. Clayton Ulrey, Lower Dauphin; 2. Dylan Reinert, Gettysburg; 3. Anthony Hinson, Spring Grove; 4. Derek Berlitz, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 5. Talon Pisarchuk, Archbishop Wood; 6. Colton Foltz, Sherando; 7. Tristin Hoskin, Robinson; 8. Caden Morrison, West Perry; 9. Ryan Weyandt, Forest Hills; 10. Paulie Mastrogiovanni, Bangor. 170: 1. Luke Nichter, Chambersburg; 2. John Crawford, Strath Haven; 3. Coy Bastian, Selinsgrove; 4. Nick Kostyak, Boiling Springs; 5. Isaiah DeJesus, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 6. Loudon Hurt, St. Christopher’s; 7. William Small, Donegal; 8. Brendan Hamilton, Hamburg. 182: 1. Jackson Turley, St. Christopher’s; 2. Tyler Mousaw, Unionville; 3. Jacob Lucas, Cumberland Valley; 4. Tucker Klump, Notre Dame-Green Pond; 5. Conor Wogan, Washington; 6. Mason Rodgers, Forest Hills; 7. Camden Rice, Spring Grove; 8. Joseph Ostrowski, Robinson. 195: 1. Gaige Garcia, Southern Columbia; 2. Bruno Stolfi, Souderton; 3. Ben Weidenhammer, Hamburg; 4. Joey Schrader, Bangor; 5. Sammy Barber, Greater Johnstown; 6. Nicholas Yannutz, Solanco; 7. Blaise Zeiders, Selinsgrove; 8. Wayne Derkotch, Penn Charter. 220: 1. Thomas Mukai, Robinson; 2. Nate Schon, Selinsgrove; 3. Nick Nittoli, Bangor; 4. Nathan Siffler, St. Marys; 5. Dakotah Snyder, Lewisburg; 6. Dustin Swanson, Garden Spot; 7. Preston Zachman, Southern Columbia; 8. Jake Moyer, Fairfield. 285: 1. Kyler Wuestner, Lower Dauphin; 2. Damon James, Boiling Springs; 3. Alex Hazard, Robinson; 4. Raul Shatzer, Waynesboro; 5. Lear Quinton, Southern Columbia; 6. Seth Worley, Spring Grove; 7. Deshawn Lee, Sherando; 8. Lucas Donovan, Big Spring.

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