CATAWISSA RR — The final match of the day at the annual SoCo Shuffle duals tournament was shaping up to be a dandy between a pair of teams that haven’t lost this season.

But then life got in the way.

After Chambersburg defeated Blue Mountain 51-21 to move to 4-0 on the day, and 9-0 on the season, the Trojans learned in a phone call that the brother of 132-pounder Cole Grove, who had been hospitalized since Thursday, was diagnosed with liver failure.

Instead of taking on fellow unbeaten Southern (also 4-0 on the day and 9-0 on the season), Chambersburg left for the 2 ½-hour trip to the Chambersburg Hospital.

“I feel terrible for Chambersburg. They had to leave and we wanted to wrestle them. They’re one of the better teams down in their area and they came up here to wrestle us,” Southern Columbia coach Jerry Marks said. “They’re good and we both have some quality guys on our team and it would have been interesting to see how that match went.”

One of his wrestlers who pinned every one of his opponents on Saturday, freshman Kole Biscoe, said he was looking forward to a tough match.

But Biscoe understood why the team left. “My prayers go out to (Cole) and his family and obviously that’s tough and hopefully he gets through it.”

The Tigers, who had 23 pins and won 43 of 56 bouts, rolled through the first three rounds, routing Honesdale 58-18; Penn Argyl 77-6; and Blue Mountain 57-18. Marks’ Tigers got a bit more resistance in the round 4 match, a 47-24 win over Gettysburg.

Marks said, “The guys, I thought, performed quite well. We stress all the time trying to get six points and pins. They did a really nice job of doing that.”

On the other hand, he said several of his guys who didn’t win, got pinned and those are areas they need to clean up.

“We are young in some areas and we just need to get guys believing in what we’re doing and I think we’ll be OK,” he added.

Biscoe, Shane Miller and Gaige Garcia all pinned their way through the tournament, with Miller’s final fall of the day clinching the win over the Warriors.

Miller ‘s final bout, at 160, was scoreless into the second and he gave up the first takedown. But the senior battled back and caught Gettysburg’s Devin Compton for the fall in 3:24. That made the meet score 43-19, putting it out of reach for the Warriors.

“I just looked for a big more here or there, see if I could catch the kid off guard,” said Miller, who didn’t realize that his pin clinched the victory for the team. “In tight matches like that big moves really make a difference. I didn’t really catch him on his back, but he just fell right into it.”

Miller said he knew Gettysburg was a tough team and they were battling.

“I was feeling him out in the first period and I didn’t get a takedown like I usually do I the first period, but the second period was all mine. But he was tough,” Miller said.

Biscoe said, “I was just trying to score bonus points for the team and do well for the team and individually.

The freshman said he was not nervous because he has been wrestling for 11 years, since he was 4, and is used to the experience.

“I’m just humbled to be on this team and have good teammates. Being in a school like this is pretty awesome,” he said.

Marks said Biscoe winning a championship in the recent 48-team Trojan Wars was a real confidence builder. He noted that titles are hard to come by in that event and the Tigers have not won many over the years.

“To do it as a freshman, kudos to him. He works tremendously hard, manages his weight well and lives, breathes and dies wrestling,” Marks said.

Garcia was by far the tournament’s most dominant wrestler as his pins, in order, came in 15, 40, 40 and eight seconds.

Garcia admitted he had mixed feelings about spending so little time on the mat because he wants to get as much work in as possible for the tough Escape the Rock tournament in two weeks.

But, he added, “Going out and getting a pin for my team is a bonus, but not getting a lot of work is not good.”

The Tigers don’t get much of a break as they host rival Muncy on Tuesday in a meet that, although early in the season, likely will decide the Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference Division 3 title.

“I’m sure there’s goings to be some hype in that match and we’re down a couple guys, we won’t be at full strength for a couple weeks yet,” Marks said.

“We have to just make sure we continue to battle. The guys we’re putting out there are quality guys,” he added.

Soco Shuffle

At Southern Columbia High School

Round 1

Southern Columbia 58, Honesdale 18

170: Jake Kobonick (H) pinned Nick Miner, 1:26; 182: Tyler Waltman (SC) pinned Tim Dailey, 2:37; 195: Gaige Garcia (SC) pinned Justin LoBasso :15; 220: Preston Zachman (SC) pinned Mike Ehrlich, :42; 285: Dyer Stine (SC) pinned Zach Beatty, 1:20; 106: Tristyn Bodie (H) pinned Brady Feese, 2:28; 113: Kole Biscoe (SC) pinned Drew Howell, 3:44; 120: Garrett Krebs (SC) maj. dec. Pete West, 11-3; 126: Ian Yoder (SC) pinned Jordan Young, 1:13; 132: Patrick Edmondson (SC) pinned Ethan Chokshi, 1:25; 138: Michael Miner (SC) pinned Shane Castellano, 1:56; 145: Keir Hill (SC) pinned Ben Swartz, 4:14; 152: Brandon Lawson (H) pinned Anthony Sola, 2:50; 160: Shane Miller (SC) pinned Anthony Steffens, 2:58.

Chambersburg 49, Milton 27

170: Luke Nichter (C) won by forfeit; 182: Aven Ayala (M) pinned Bryce McKenzie, :51; 195: Guy Lozlus (C) won by forfeit; 220: Brent Mitch (M) pinned Joey Fuller, 2:50; 285: Nevin Rauch (M) pinned Wyatt Hall, 1:27; 106: Zane Neaus (M) dec. April Rump, 5-2; 113: Tyler Smith (C) won by forfeit; 120: Karl Shindledecker (C) maj.dec. Kyler Crawford, 16-7; 126: T.J. Walter (M) pinned Anthony Colangelo, 3:10; 132: Kelby Mixell (C) dec. Colton Taylor, 12-11; 138: Ryder Davenport (C) pinned Chase Hoffman, 2:36; 145: Tate Nichter (C) won by forfeit; 152: Beth Runshaw (C) won by forfeit; 160: Carson Mello (C) pinned Nate Scholl, 1:26. Other scores: Gettysburg 64, Penncrest 3; Blue Mountain 60, Pen Argyl 14.

Round 2

Southern Columbia 77, Pen Argyl 6

182: Waltman (SC) pinned Tyler Taylor, :18; 195: Garcia (SC) pinned Austin Ashenfelder, :40; 220: Zachman (SC) won by forfeit; 285: Lear Quinton (SC) pinned Sean Rumsey, :57; 106: Feese (SC) pinned George Fultz, :56; 113: Briscoe (SC) pinned Stephen Klimeck, :28; 120: Lucs Buskirk (PA) pinned Krebs, 1:27; 126: Yoder (SC) tech. fall Jake Fultz, 17-0, 4:22; 132: Edmondson (SC) pinned Lorenzo Reto, 3:15; 138: M. Miner (SC) pinned Dylan Ashenfelder, :30; 145: Hill (SC) pinned Alexsander Kessler, :29; 152: Damion Baumerts (SC) pinned Bryland Madeya, 1:42; 160: Colin Sharrow (SC) pinned Dominick Molina, 2:18; 170: Miller (SC) pinned Gianni Reto, 1:45.

Gettysburg 64, Milton 11

182: Max Gourley (G) tech. fall Ayala, 18-3, third period; 195: Christian Conner (G) won by forfeit; 220: Robert Hatfield (G) pinned Mitch, 3:19; 285: Rauch (M) pinned Tyler Brodbeck, 1:13; 106: Jacob Fetrow (G) pinned Neaus, :38; 113: Montana DeLawder (G) won by forfeit; 120: Crawford (M) tech. fall Michael Feta, 16-6, third period; 126: Jacob Cherry (G) maj. dec. T.J. Walter, 8-0; 132: Nathan Ridgley (G) maj. dec. Taylor, 14-6; 138: John Halbrandt (G) dec. Hoffman, 5-2; 145: Aurella Santoyo (G) won by forfeit; 152: Garrett Young (G) won by forfeit; 160: Dylan Reinert (G) pinned Scholl, :43; 170: Devin Compton (G) won by forfeit. Other scores: Blue Mountain 41, Honesdale 31; Chambersburg 69, Penncrest 9

Round 3

Southern Columbia 59, Blue Mountain 18

195: Garcia (SC) pinned Dawson Schaeffer, :40; 220: Zachman (SC) pinned Kevin Croley, :51; 285: Quinton (SC) pinned Aaron Rice, 1:05; 106: Feese (SC)pinned Harry Bowers, 1:01; 113: Biscoe (SC) pinned Anthony Zeplin, 2:51; 120: Owen Oakley (BM) pinned Nick Dorkoski, 1:04; 126: Yoder (SC) pinned Saul Blankenhorn, 1:18; 132: Edmondson (SC), tech. fall Dalton Touchinsky, 18-3, 5:19; 138: Luke Englert (BM) dec. M. Miner, 13-6; 145: Daniel Farrell (BM) dec. Hill, 12-7; 152: Brandin Reber (BM) pinned Sola, 3:16; 160: Miller (SC) pinned Toby Renninger, :35; 170: Brandon Gedman (SC) pinned Tyler Noecker, 2:20; 182: Waltman (SC) pinned Christian Muntone, 1:24.

Penncrest 53, Milton 28

195: Conner Bonebrake (P) won by forfeit; 220: Mitch (M) maj. dec. Billy Kazunas, 8-0; 285: Rauch (M) pinned Will Steiner, :54; 106: Neaus (M) pinned Jimmy Crawley, :32; 113: Luca Fariello (P) won by forfeit; 120: Crawford (M) pinned Jeremy Moore, :58; 126: Nickolas Partsanakis (P) pinned Tanner Walter, :50; 132: Chris Reed (P) pinned Taylor, 1:41; 138: Hoffman (M) pinned Tommy Hugget, :40; 145: Brendan Stocku (P) won by forfeit; 152: Matthew Kirchgasser (P) won by forfeit; 160: Shane Stevens (P) pinned Scholl, 1:01; 170: Nick Martini (P) tech. fall Ayala, 18-2, second period; 182: Anthony Chero (P) won by forfeit. Other scores: Honesdale 57, Pen Argyl 18; Chambersburg 36, Gettysburg 36 (criteria A, most bouts won)

Round 4

Southern Columbia 47, Gettysburg 24

220: Zachman (SC) pinned Tyler Gallagher, :44; 285: Quinton (SC) pinned Brodbeck, 1:10; 106: Fetrow (G) pinned Feese, 1:59; 113: Biscoe (SC) pinned DeLawder, 2:21; 120: Krebs (SC) inj. DQ Feta, 2:55; 126: Yoder (SC) dec. Cherry, 5-2132; Edmondson (SC) maj. dec. Ridgley, 12-0; 138: M. Miner (SC) pinned Halbrendt, 3:57; 145: Luke Sainato (G) pinned Baumerts, 1:48; 152: Young (G) pinned Sola, 5:43; 160: Miller (SC) pinned Compton, 3:24; 170: Reinert (G) pinned M. Miner, 1:11; 182: Waltman (SC) maj. dec. Gourley, 12-2; 195: Garcia (SC) pinned Conner, :08.

Honesdale 60, Milton 21

220: LoBasso (H) pinned Mitch, 3:19; 285: Rauch (M) pinned Beatty 1:10; 106: Bodie (H) pinned Neaus, 2:50; 113: Howell (H) won by forfeit; 120: Crawford (M) pinned West, 3:11; 126: T.J. Walter (M)dec. Young, 6-2; 132: Chokski pinned Taylor, 2:59; 138: Hoffman (M) pinned Castellano, 1:15; 145: Austin Bivins (H) won by forfeit; 152: Lawson (H) won by forfeit; 160: Steffens (H) pinned Scholl, 1:52; 170: Kabonick (H) pinned Ayala, 3:01; 182: Dailey (H) won by forfeit; 195: Ehrlich (H) won by forfeit. Other scores: Chambersburg 51, Blue Mountain 21; Penn Crest def. Pen Argyl (score NA)

Round 5

Southern Columbia vs. Chambersburg (no match)

Milton 37, Pen Argyl 36

285: Rauch (M) pinned Rumsey, 2:55; 106: Neaus (M) dec. G. Fultz, 6-2; 113: Klimek (PA) won by forfeit; 120: Crawford (M) maj. dec. Buskirk, 10-2; 126: T.J. Walter (M) pinned J. Fultz, :30; 132: Reto (PA) pinned Taylor, 2:57; 138: Hoffman (M) pinned Dylan Ashenfelder, 3:43; 145: Kessler (PA) won by forfeit; 152: Madeya (PA) won by forfeit; 160: Scholl (M) pinned Molina, 3:35; 170: Ayalaa (M) pinned Reto, :38; 182: Taylor (PA) won by forfeit; 195: double forfeit; 220: Mitch (M) pinned A. Ashenfelder, 2:27. Other scores: Gettysburg vs. Blue Mountain (NA); Honesdale 53, Penncrest 21. Standings: 1. (tie) Southern Columbia, Chambersburg 4-0; 3 or 4. Gettysburg (NA); 3 or 4. Blue Mountain (NA); 5. Honesdale 3-2; 6. Penncrest 2-3; 7. Milton 1-4; 8. Penn Argyl 0-5.

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