Following last week’s major management shake-up and some interesting variations in this week’s WWE quarterly financial reports, Vince McMahon, who had indicated the company was considering “transformative changes” regarding the structure and programming content available on the company network in its current form, noted he is considering potential options with major streaming services that could become involved with distribution of what had been former pay-per-view events currently available on the WWE Network for the famous bargain-basement price of $9.95 a month.

Speculation concerning how that might all shake down includes a variety of possibilities with one being that WWE could sell the rights to broadcast or stream WrestleMania and a couple of the other major events to any interested party willing to pay a healthy fee for the privilege. Putting Mania and all of the other major events, and subsequently the NXT brand and its critically acclaimed Takeover specials on the WWE Network was a move designed to ensure a high number of subscribers for the fledgling network. However, it has actually been quite costly as it has not proven to achieve the desired number of sign-ups for the network and consequently does not bring in the revenue generated by the old pay-per-view format that was shared with cable companies, but still more lucrative than the current situation.

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