Mason Fantini placed first in the boys 13 and over 500 yard freestyle with a time of 6:06.94

Isabella Yasenchak finished with a time of 38.49 and claimed eighth place in the girls 9-10 50 yard freestyle with Grace Vincenzes swimming to 10th place in the event with a time of 40.48. Meanwhile, John Rhodes taking seventh place on the boys side of the event.

The girls 11-12 100 yard freestyle included an eleventh place finish from Jasmine Campbell who had a recorded time of 1:18.53.

Yasenchak placed third in the 100 yard IM for girls 9-10 year of age, which included a mark of 1:43.21.

Kenny Smink reached the 14th spot in the boys 13 and over 100 yard IM, with a time of 21.55.

AnaGrace Renno darted through the water to claim 11th place in the girls 11-12 50 yard free and got a time of 36.25. Donovan Heller also took 11th place in the boys side of the contest, which included a mark of 35.79 and teammate Lucas Lubinski took 14th in the same event.

Lubinski sped to a third place finish with a time of 43.54 in the 50 yard butterfly as Fantini won the same event for boys 13 and over. Fantini had a time of 27.63.

Jackson Gensemer reached a sixth place finish in the butterfly with a time of 36.71.

In the boys 9-10 25 yard backstroke, Rhodes kept the good times rolling for Mount Carmel with a seventh place finish and earned a time of 24.33.

Vincenzes had a mark of 26.13 and claimed the eighth spot in the girls breaststroke.

In the 200 yard freestyle relay, Gensemer, Fantini, Jacob Zarski and Gavin Lasko flew through the pool for a first place finish and a time of 1:53.61.

Gabrielle McGinley got a mark of 41.14 and took the top spot in the girls 13 and over 50 yard breaststroke with Zarski claiming third place in the 50 yard backstroke with a time of 33.53.

In the 50 yard backstroke, Heller and Damien Klimas had times of 43.81 and 43.87, respectively, with the MCA duo taking eighth and ninth place.

For the girls eight and under 25 yard backstroke, Sophia Fantini took 13th place with a time of 28.90.

Mason Fantini took first place in the 200 yard freestyle with a mark of 2:09.64 and Campbell rolled to a ninth place finish with a time of 2:54.99.

Yasenchak continued to perform at a high level and earned fifth place in the 25 yard butterfly with a time of 19.61.

Zarski had a time of 26.07 in the 50 yard free and climbed to second place in the event.

Rhodes took fourth place in the 25 yard free with a time of 17.74.

Lia Molesevich, seventh place, and Sophia Fantini, 10th place, had times of 21.40 and 22.51, respectively for MCA, in the 25 yard free.

Gensemer was on a tear and etched out a time of 1:27.90 which earned him a seventh place in the 100 yard IM.

In the 100 yard free, Zarski, Gensemer and Lasko had marks of 1:00.02, 1:13.07, and 1:15.97. The trio finished first, 11th and 12th in the event.

Heller and Lubinski had times of 1:18.47 and 1:23.29 to place eighth and 11th, respectively in the boys 11-12 100 yard free.

For girls free style, eight and under, Molesevich and Fantini had times of 47.65 and 49.81 to take the ninth and 13th spots.

In the 200 yard medley relay, Zarski, Gensemer, Fantini and Lasko got MCA a score of 2:18.82 for a third place finish.

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