Hunter Rodarmel is rolling through AAU competition and will participate in nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina with an eye on a top five finish.

Rodarmel finished first in javelin, third in discus and fourth in the shot put at the district meet in Widener University. The rising junior at Shamokin Area High School is enjoying the experience after all his hard work.

The Indian also earned gold in the javelin, bronze in the shot put and reached fifth place in discus during regionals at Stockton University in New Jersey.

Rodarmel qualified for nationals in all three events, which will be held on July 31, August 1 and 2 in Greensboro.

Rodarmel noted that he practiced five to six times a week or whenever he and his coach Justin Rickert could get time to do so.

The Shamokin Indian said AAU track and field is a different experience compared to high school.

"It's a different environment. I didn't know anyone. It's summer time so it's hot. It took some time to get acclimated," Rodarmel said about getting used to the AAU atmosphere.

Rodarmel added that if he learned something new during competition, he would text Rickert and mention what he noticed by watching other competitors. The field athlete wanted to try different approaches on the runway and looked into different releases for the javelin.

The junior said that AAU will help him in high school competition next season, because of the amount of reps.

He also lifts five days per week and will take days off if need be. If he is sore, then he will just focus on lighter workouts and practicing his footwork.

Rodarmel is not only rising to the challenges of AAU competition, he's setting his goals high while keeping realistic expectations.

The multi-sport athlete noted that he knew he was alright at javelin and shot put, but he eventually found himself wanting to do them both more.

Rodarmel stated that discus was his main event, but after hitting the weights more routinely, he discovered that throwing in three events is more beneficial.

"After lifting more, I fell in love with doing all of them. I noticed the progress and the results changed a lot," Rodarmel said about participating in the three events.

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