MOUNT CARMEL — As the Vince Lombardi Trophy sat on display in the Silver Bowl at Mount Carmel late Friday afternoon, Kansas City General Manager and Mount Carmel Area graduate Brett Veach was met by familiar faces in former teammates, coaches, friends and fans who came out to congratulate the youngest NFL GM to ever win a Super Bowl.

Winning the Lombardi Trophy is every kid’s dream, but bringing it back to your hometown is something not many are given the chance to do. To Veach, it was a chance to give back to place that gave to him growing up.

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To Mr . Pickles: I guess because it's football the virus does not matter !

Mr Pickles

No social distancing. No masks. What is wrong with people around here?


You people know that the sun kills the virus, right. The virus dies after coming in contact with ultraviolet light. Stop beings Karen's.


You need to go drink some bleach like your great President told you to , or try some disinfectant ,and put the kool aid down, who is the real Karen? You need mental help.

Mr Pickles

So you really think if someone is sick or an asymptomatic carrier and the virus exits their body via spit that the sun kills it immediately? You realize this is a virus and not vampires, right?


to Mr Pickles: Good one ! LOL

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