46th Annual Indian hills Golf Invitational

Indian Hills Golf Club professional Billy Ditchey, left, stands the winners of the 46th annual invitational tournament, Jason Troutman, center, and Sean Duffy, following the conclusion of the three-day event Sunday in Paxinos.

PAXINOS — The Indian Hills Golf Club held its 46th annual Invitational Golf Tournament over the weekend. Just under 200 golfers participated in the three day tournament. Jason Troutman and Sean Duffy took first place in the Championship Flight with a score of 203. On Sunday, golfers were separated into eight different flights based on preliminary scores. Indian Hills Golf Club Invitational Final Results Championship Flight Jason Troutman, Sean Duffy — 203 Chris Walzer, Greg Notz — 205 Brad Klebon, Greg Klebon, Jr. — 215 Joe Gubernot, Don Reiner — 215 Pat Fleishauer, Steve Leitzel — 217 Ryan Felty, Shawn Felty — 218 First Flight Devin McLaughlin, Ryan Sanders — 220 Jeff Chernes, Jimmy Lucas — 221 Mike Boone, Jack Miller — 221 RJ Nittinger, Ross Drick — 222 Ryan Luberecki, JR Luberecki — 223 Ryan Morgan, Colin Zawatski — 224 Second Flight Frank McGinty, Mike Duffy — 224 Bill Brennan, John Brennan — 226 Michael Morgan, Jr., Chris Hussey — 227 Jason Castaldi, Jay Yucha — 227 Goody Singh, Mike Leshock — 230 Mike Bower, John Herman — 230 Third Flight Dave Coville, Brendan Silhan — 230 Brandon Ciocco, Ryan Ciocco — 232 Jamie Wisloski, Joe Sieklicki — 232 Nate Snyder, Chad Lauer — 233 Simon Lorady, Bob Zavarick — 233 Jim Maxfield, Bill Stallings — 234 Fourth Flight Scott Long, Evan Salamone — 235 Time Moll, Dave Moll — 236 Roger Lee, Mark Stockdill — 237 Shawn Bogutskie, Dave Becker — 237 Matt Davies, Sr., Matt Davies, Jr. — 238 Larry Wagner, Larry Wagner, Jr. — 238 Fifth Flight James Gross, JD Powis — 241 Joe Lindemuth, Tim Jordan — 243 Robert Noecker, Matt Heatherington — 243 Lynn Rager, Jr., Greg Knouse — 243 Greg Klebon, Sr., Bill Angelo — 246 Steve Bressi, Joe Varano — 246 Sixth Flight Mike Woytowich, Greg Tardif — 248 Peter McNeil, Mark Brennan — 251 Dennis Reiprish, Rich Reiprish — 253 Eric Weller, Geoff Lubeskie — 253 Pran Kundi, Frank Mortensen — 253 Keith Jeremiah, Keith Jeremiah, Jr. — 254 Seventh Flight Jeremiah Garancosky, Chris Steele — 250 John Howal, Brett Fabian — 259 Jerry Krainak, Ron Pursley — 260 Dave Stellfox, John Lemey — 260 Joe Klebon, Jim Schiavoni — 261 Sam Rumberger, Randy Rumberger — 261

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