With time running out rapidly on the year 2022, we thought we would do what everybody else seems to be doing and take a look back at the year that was in pro wrestling. Each year brings its own share of surprises across the board and the past 12 months have certainly been no exception in real life or in the world of pro wrestling, which often hovers between real life and the alternative universe known to some as scripted sports entertainment. The two are actually inseparable much of the time.

Easily the biggest story this year was the “retirement” of Vince McMahon as head of World Wrestling Entertainment. The mogul who led the biggest company in the industry for four decades was really forced out by his own misdeeds. Ironically, if he hadn’t grown the company to such exorbitant heights that it became a publicly-traded one with a legitimate board of directors who have a duty to the stockholders and a higher-than-ever public profile, Vince may have been able to weather the storm as wrestling had previously flown so far under the mainstream news radar that many unflattering elements of the business (as well as the many good things that took place) were seldom known, much-less publicized to those outside of it. Vince killing “kayfabe” eventually helped kill Vince, although there have been rumblings recently that he wants to return.


Shamokin’s Bill Gilger arranges each week’s interview with The Insider to discuss happenings in professional wrestling.

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