HARRISBURG — The two locations chosen for medical marijuana dispensaries in the Northcentral region in Phase II of the state's medical marijuana program are both in Shamokin.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced today that it issued 23 dispensary permits across the six regions of the state for Phase II. Permittees will have six months in which to become operational before they can begin dispensing medical marijuana.

The two companies to have dispensaries in Shamokin are listed as Harvest of North Central PA LLC of 520 N. Shamokin St. and PharmaCann Penn LLC of 235 W. Spruce St.

The 520 N. Shamokin St. address is the location of Dowd Marketing. The Spruce Street site is the former location of Dr. Raymond Kraynak, who has been barred from practicing medicine because of charges filed last year related to overprescribing of opioids. 

Harvest of North Central Pa. LLC has a main address of Tempe, Arizona, listed with the Department of Health and 11 company officers listed. PharmaCann's address is in Philadelphia and lists just two officers, Teddy Scott and Stephen Schuler.

“The permitting of these locations as part of Phase II of the medical marijuana program will ensure more people have access to medical marijuana close to home,” Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine was quoted in a press release. “Medical marijuana is an essential form of treatment for Pennsylvanians suffering from one of 21 serious medical conditions. This step continues the growth of our scientific, medically based medical marijuana program.”

Once all Phase II dispensaries are operational, there will be a total of 79 dispensaries located throughout the commonwealth.

In Phase I, the closest locations for dispensary permits were in Harrisburg and Williamsport.

The 23 permits were issued to:

Southeast Region

Restore Integrative Wellness Center LLC

Cresco Yeltrah, LLC

Franklin BioScience - SE, LLC

Harvest of Southeast PA, LLC

PharmaCann Penn LLC

MLH Explorations, LLC

CB Health Services, LLC

Agape Total Health Care, INC

GTI Pennsylvania, LLC

Northeast Region

Pennsylvania Dispensary Solutions LLC

Franklin BioScience - NE, LLC

Harvest of Northeast PA, LLC

Southcentral Region

Harvest of South Central PA, LLC

Local Dispensaries, LLC

GTI Pennsylvania, LLC

Northcentral Region

Harvest of North Central PA, LLC

PharmaCann Penn LLC

Southwest Region

Franklin BioScience - SW, LLC

Harvest of Southwest PA, LLC

Sunrise Organic Wellness LLC

GTI Pennsylvania, LLC

Northwest Region

Harvest of Northwest PA, LLC

GTI Pennsylvania, LLC

More than 98,000 patients in Pennsylvania have registered to participate in the medical marijuana program, and over 66,000 have identification cards and are able to purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary. Approximately 1,380 physicians have registered for the program, 945 of whom have been approved as practitioners.

The medical marijuana program was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on April 17, 2016. 

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Good luck with $15.00 an hour. They will pay maybe $10.00 an hour and make bigger profits. That is why the Shamokin area got 2 sites. Anywhere else in Pa they would have to pay more money to their employees. And do no forget that people with political ties in the area will get be the first to get hired


That’s good news. I sure hope Kraynak does not profit from that lease.
ALSO, I think The owners of these to be very profitable
Enterprises pay ALL Employees a MINIMUM WAGE of $15 per hour, and hire locals before all others!

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